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hello there. i just wanted to leave a feedback after not playing the game since 2010. just restarted 3 days ago and i would say, the list of changes that the game had since 2010 are for the best. number 1 example is the removal of SP loss after getting podded. i think that was one of the reasons why most avoided PVP as much as possible since back then, a simple lag will result to your pod getting destroyed.

as for my feedback, i hope the devs would look at high sec ganking. i just feel that this type of gameplay is akin to griefing. and its not just ships that are expensive that are getting ganked, any ship or player that is probably not known to that suicide corp is a target. theres a reason why some people prefer to do PVE and stay in high sec and this type of gameplay just penalized those players leaving them to just quit and play another game.

not sure if this was the intent when the game started but comparing the ease of running multiple accounts nowadays compared to a decade ago is massive. now just one person could probably gank any t2 ship with multiboxing destroyers.

i know people would say things like this is part of Eve but thats what people said about things that got changed since 2010 as well.

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Without risk there is no reward. In a second everything will be so over farmed that all hisec content will lose most value. I’m ok with perfectly safe hisec, but after removing all isk generation there and trading.

ganking is part of ecosystem. Just learn to not be first target on the list and you will be ok.


So much of what makes Eve great comes from the fact nowhere is safe and things can be lost, and this enables many of the things that likely brought you back.

That means that occasionally, you are going to lose a ship, even in highsec. If that ain’t your jam, there is no shame in acknowledging that and playing something else. Even isn’t a game where you can just do PvE and opt-out of PvP - it is a shared universe where we all affect each other - so if you don’t like that then go play something you do like!

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Defund CONCORD! :wink:

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