This is why you lose players

Quote from CCP news

Highsec ganking is a valid and necessary playstyle, where players will ‘suicide gank’ high value targets and offset the loss of their ships from the loot and salvage gained from their target.

do you play your own game?
a handful of gankers destroy the fun of 99% of pve players.

with this attitude you will lose even more players. In addition, there are the extreme Plex and subscription costs. In a credible world, a criminal would get a heavy sentence or even be banished

The majority of MMO players want to play pve. You could win pvp and pve players if you make the highsec area a pve zone.

as long as you don’t understand that, you won’t be able to inspire new players

wake up, neo

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i agree
the contrary of what that guy said


If you don’t want to get ganked don’t make yourself a target. You think a High Sec suicide swarm is going to waste their time popping open a disposable ratting Vexor? Nope. They’ll probably just let you fly on by on your merry way because hey, at least you’re not sitting in an asteroid field AFK flooding the market with ore.

2003 called, it would like its whine back.


My main mission running toon has only been ganked once in five years. Overall, across all of my accounts, I’ve only lost three ships to ganking in 16 years. Stop your whining…


I’m personally against these changes. These will make EVE Online a safer place for PvE players. As a PvE player, I’m against that. I want New Eden to be a dangerous place for me to mission run and mine. I might as well play Trainstation or Farmville browser games at this point.



At least for now. Give it time, it’s changing into what you think you want.


This is a rather tall claim.

Do you have any factual basis for this number or

I mean hell, if you’re running lvl 4s in Amarr alone, you ain’t seeing no gankers ROFL.

This is a nice opinion. However I’m pretty sure the majority did not approach you to speak for them. You can certainly say something like, you want it to be that way.

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I don’t agree that it’s only a handful of gankers, I think it’s a lot more than a handful…but ganking IS most of the destruction in hi-sec. And that’s why it (ganking) is needed and a valid gameplay option. What other loses are happening in hi-sec? The occasional loss to NPCs happen sure, there are some wars, but those are far less than what ganking can do.

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Don’t fly more than what you can afford to lose. They have data that being ganked, especially early in your EVE career, actually causes MORE player retention than not being ganked. Player interactions (both good and bad) creates content and gives life the game. In this game, you can be a criminal if you want to be. You’ve ignored the rest of the post in which they ARE imposing harsher restrictions for those criminals…but keep in mind, it IS a valid playstyle.

Mm I’d say the same groups are doing it.

But it isn’t the plague people make it out to be.

There was one big group for gal/amarr space but I don’t see them much anymore.

This thread was dead long before OP hit Post

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Jesus christ the quote literally came from an announcement of major ganking nerfs and there are STILL whiny carebears crying about gankers.

Maybe CCP should quit chasing “PvE players” altogether and not nerf ganking, because it’s clear that any nerf to ganking that falls short of complete removal is not enough to them.


@Zool_Turican needs a lifetime ban.



No. We don’t need yet another thread on high sec ganking. Closed.