So when does the new mechanic for ganking and standings drops take effect?

So there have been so many tears about the loss of free kills in high sec from the ganker community which is very small. When the new mechanics on ganking take effect and I know that they are in effect, I will resub my accounts and add to them. Thanks for seeing the truth and knowing that just a hand full of malcontents will not be missed once the game population comes up out of the gutter and CCPs bottom line is once in the black. Have a fair balanced game and make a living and get rich or look forward toward your fourth quarter financials looking like the third. No one will miss these angry whales once and if they leave the game. Thanks CCP for looking at a fair and balanced way to resolve this long standing thorn in the side of the game.


They are already in place I thought.

Already in effect. However, Omegas can still gank in high sec all they want. Sorry to burst your bubble, but high sec ganking is still alive and well. They only made it to where Alphas can no longer gank in high sec…


The removal of all high sec ganking would carry with it consequences that you carebears haven’t even thought of. For example, moon mining. If CCP completely removed ganking from high sec, I would be one of the first to roll up on your moon mining OP with 20 accounts and suck up all of the ore. And there’s nothing you could do about it. You can’t gank me, and as I own no structures, you can’t wardec me either. Then you’ll go crying and begging to CCP to put a stop to it…


Yes, there is no more ganking in highsec. Please resub you accounts.


It wouldn’t be too difficult to make moon ore spawns soul-bound I think.

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At which point I would pay mercs to wardec and destroy every high sec moon mining OP that I find…


The existence of wars will be fixed soon.


People still dying bruv.

Imagine being so afraid of dying in a vidya game you stop playing ROFL.


The market would quickly become so oversaturated with ore and ice that they would be worthless. CCP would have to implement NPC buy orders for ore, ice, and minerals, at which point EVE would no longer be EVE…

Why “would have to”? We already have the new paragon agents, we’re a stones throw away.


At least that is still player controlled, for now. You still have to either buy or build the ships the agent is asking for…

Now lets get that spread to low sec too.

Why guns are even available anymore is a mystery.

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Low-sec is protected space in EVE Echoes, and all 2,000 of its players enjoy it and think it’s a good thing.

Wow that’s impressive…

Only flaw is that null blobs probably own many or at the very least half of the structures around moons in high, good luck rolling dice to find out what alt corps are under null blocks umbrella.

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In some senses these can be good sinks, esp if they expand to like ore and diff stuff.

Different MMOs do it. As long as there is no way to actually pay for it with real money but only stuff farmed in game, I’m good.

Awesome! Lets keep that going.

Null is already a PvP free zone, so next step is getting rid of NPCs that shoot incase someone doesnt like that too.

Source missing.

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