The 2023 ganking is good (or Ebil) megathread

Welp, it’s 2023. Let’s see if it brings anything new to the ganking discussion. And a place to merge the inevitable and countless ganking offshoot conversations that crop up.

We all know the rules. Keep it civil.

Ganking is, or is not, an important aspect to the game.
Ganking is, or is not, an acceptable play style.
Ganking is, or is not, a core game play mechanic.

Of course most of this applies to High Sec, but we’re starting to see an influx of low sec kills that are irritating people who are not “active in faction warfare.” So should pvp be removed from lowsec and only reserved for those signed up in the militias?


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Common human decency dictates that other players should not be attacked without warning. The game provides us with local and so even in places like nullsec, the sovereignty holders should at least attempt to discuss their expectations of how interlopers should behave in their territory.

Arbitrarily shooting other players without attempting to have a civil discussion beforehand is not acceptable. We may think that normal human mores do not apply because we are playing a video game, but the complexity of Eve and the diversity of stakeholders in the game make it imperative that we engage each other as adults.

Pretending that this is Call of Duty, or some other game where there is only one way to play, is not reflective of reality.


I really hope they fix the ganking problem this year. I really want to retire already.

Get a load of this guy^^^

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I think it’s very good that CCP finally fixed ganking.

Maybe in 2023, they can concentrate on fixing griefdecs too!

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In 2023, the real griefers are the NPCs.

They gank new players in new player ships, not carrying any cargo. There is nothing of value that the NPCs gain by killing empty ships. This perfectly fits CCP’s view of griefing.

CCP need to step in and address the problem of NPCs. I can’t believe the Empires tolerate the amount of pirate activity going on from them. CONCORD should be retasked to take out all NPCs before they can be a problem for players.

CCP need to do this or the game will be dead within 6 months.


Just one more year for things to get worse.

It won’t.

Inevitable and countless but all similar and especially end in similar ways: people getting insulted and upset and ISD closes the thread.

We all do but civility around this topic has taken a permanent vacation.

Is not.

Is not.

Is not.

Yes definitely.


PvP shouldn’t be removed, ganking should.
Ganking isn’t PvP, it’s theft and is not a playstyle whatsoever.
Ganking is tantamount to computer theft: a person using a pc to steal someone’s stuff after having made sure that person cannot do anything to defend herself.

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Quick question, just so that I can wrap my mind around this bit: isn’t this, in effect, an example of competitive gameplay? If someone “makes sure” that another player “can’t defend themselves,” but this is accomplished through direct in-game means and not through something like hacking or a developer command, doesn’t that mean that this is a perfect example of one player skillfully beating another? Do correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just trying to understand.


This thread is spicing up now:


It’s probably an exemple of many things, just isn’t PvP.

Accomplished through direct in-game means doesn’t mean it has to do with skill, it only has to do with mechanics. The game mechanics permit computer theft and the developers call that “ganking” but it’s more than that.

Quick question.

Why do we have to have 2/3/4 threads about the same subject every week?

As soon as one thread is locked another pops up, the mods should close them instantly.

Knowledge and understanding of game mechanics and how to best utilize them sounds like “skill” to me.


The mods like a laugh same as everyone else.


I made it onto this one!

Praise James 315! :smiley:

If you want to call the setup and operation of a pyramid scheme or a FTX-like shenanigans or what Madoff did “skills” then yeah I agree with you.
Nonetheless, what they call “ganking” is mere computer theft.

Thank you for agreeing with me.

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I’m glad we had this time to share.

This statement stands out the most as being a deciding factor when loggin into New Eden for it is not a core game play mechanic unless everyone is involved in said ganking.

Does a Capsuleer gank the market each time they convert isk to plex to pay for their Omega Status? Same Capsuleer might be just loggin in for the ability to interact with others on a level that one finds entertainment value for time spent.

Answering the first two are simple if you are already established within New Eden.

The problem with Pro Gankers is they had forgotten how they got to where they are today.

See what @Galaxy_Pig can make of that!

That’s why I made this thread. So ISD can merge them all into one, so there isn’t a zillion of them running around. Make it nice and consolidated.