Crime fighting and a new year

So as you can see the changes that we had (tethering, alpha, and docking why being naughty) made very little impact on on ganking in high sec, yes it changed the why it’s done but it’s still taking place.

To fight this we need intell, so if you see a rise in ganking in your area please report the events

Out of control mining of scarce resources is the real crime here. I’m not sure what you are even suggesting with this post.


Nobody cares.

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If CCP really wanted to cut down on ganking of newer players, the single biggest thing they could do is make such players aware that there are ‘safe’ systems for noobs. I get the impression most noobs are oblivious of this.

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They could shut down the servers.

If anyone wanted to help new players, they’d be in the new player system helping.

What if the intel was displayed on the map that updates every 15 minutes that shows criminal acts as a new option?

Along with adding the number of Concord ships spawned in the star system?

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CONCORD is an ineffective relic of a bygone era. They don’t even protect anyone.

Just lock everyone’s safety to green. That’ll get rid of CONCORD quick smart.


My other aim this year is to bring war to high sec, maybe we could start in the new player sys, you up for it.

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Well at least they take care to show up when many Capsuleers have corp members who are off doing their own thing.

They murder innocent gankers trying to protect roids from being ravaged by those filthy miners


Trying to tempt her with violence?

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Githany Red vs Evil Woman

Who would win and who currenlty has the highest skill points?

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You would like to see that, wouldn’t you?


Fights in Space yes. btw I read once that GR is currently holding a short story about a possible victory that already had happened.

Who is evil woman

You know Frostpacker can not or rather refuses to utter the name…

           /'.    .'\
           \( \__/ )/
     ___   / (.)(.) \   ___
_.-"`_  `-.|  ____  |.-`  _`"-._

Well I have 62 mil sp myself.

On a different subject just rebuilding my gaming PC, it died suddenly.

Before it’s demise was working on something you may be very interested in, I’ll send you a sample when I get back in game :shushing_face:

Wait just a minute/

Do you need for me to dig up this extact same excuse that she used?

/Arms folded.

Evil Woman hit you so hard, your PC exploded.