Thank you CCP!

Last year i’ve made this post:

So, thank you for listening !


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It was just a frozen corpse!

Now those who want to commit crimes in Hisec will not be able to hide, that’s as it should have been all along.
Want to be a pirate? Guess what. There are consequences. Deal with it.


I feel that I can poke a stick at the beast only due to the fact that I had paid my dues via RPextortion and if I hadn’t I would not be making comments about thanking anyone for this tething change.

Sure there are both good and bad aspects with these changes but a lot of them punish highsec ganking crimes.

This doesn’t balance the crime of contract scamming where those are happening in Highsec too. Why are they not getting security status changed based on their actions?

What a concept!

Lots of crimes are happening in New Eden. It’s up to the people at CCP to decide what to do.

A con is harder to catch and prove guilty than a pirate.
Again, let’s see what CCP does in the future. Scamming has been a part of EVE since the beginning and the victims of scams can readily admit to their own naivety. To me it’s a lesser crime than piracy.

Ganking is not dead it will just adapt, the lazy gankers will die off but the smart will survive there is still some ways for it to work, it will be interesting to see what people decide to do.

But no matter what the gankers choose there is now a way for anti-gankers to actually lay siege to the gankers be it their citadel their low sec staging or their wh.

And if the gankers choose to stay under -5 then they can do a market war by controling the tag farming grounds and pushing the price up.

I hope that anyone in the future that complains about ganking joins an anti-gank corp as they will have a lot more power.


So what do you expect will happen now?

Here is what I think will happen. Gankers take down their citadels and will just go back to sitting in stations and only undock for the kill. And then you will be back to the forums crying for more nerfs in your favor


Nah…I’ll just go to Concord Bureau where I have my stash of clone soldier tags already purchased before the price went up :slight_smile:

Also, in forcing people to use Omega accounts for ganking, all that is really happening is gankers will be in accounts trained to level V not only in DPS skills but also those skills that get security status back faster via ratting.


The tags themselves will become worth ganking as they are moved around Eve to the Concord Bureaus. All the time a clone solder negotiator tag was just 15 - 18m ISK ( which was not that long ago ) they were barely worth ganking a ship for. With the price increasing to 50 - 60m ISK, that all changes.

I’ve no doubt there will also be those who wish to hold on to a stock of such tags in the hope that gankers don’t get their hands on them. But in a sense that is lost ISK and ironically is effectively a gank…as the price of a tag gets to be comparable with that of a barge anyway. If tags get to be 60m and a person buys 10 of them to ‘stop ganking’…they have lost 600m and the people they are buying off could well be the gankers themselves anyway. So that person is being very subtley ganked and not realising it.

Fun times !

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All good positive things.

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Nah, i don’t care what happens next . I never cared about what was going on in hisec to begin with. What’s important is that a silly mechanic was adressed and removed.
You should have known this , if you were to read my replies from last year . But it’s ok , it’s a wall of text and no one is forced to read all of that :slight_smile: .
There are workarounds and they can adapt to this , should they fail to get the kill while undocked in ships and in space (hint: Bowhead/Orca).
Like i said, i don’t care about the carebears nor the gankers. Either way, i win !

Didn’t care to read any or it.

Does it really go enough though? CCP still has not changed the mechanic where a suspect can transfer loot into a neutral hauler without the neutral hauler going suspect. If CCP would fix that, it would be great.

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I knew it. As soon as the dust settled there’d be a post like above saying its not enough.

Wont someone do something about these vile ganksters.


If everyone is saying space is unsafe why is it the only one protected in a suspect/ criminal activity, is their neutral hauler.

Just ban the profession of criminal, CCP.

Pull the plaster off and end this slow death please.


See you don’t have a reasonable argument not to other then just talking crap. So just keep trolling

Im asking CCP to remove criminality.

Ive no idea what you are on about.

Couldn’t they lay siege to all the citadels they were tethered on before? But simply never did? If AG groups couldn’t work up the numbers or ability to war dec a group in hi sec, do you really think they are gonna go into a WH or low sec after them? I highly doubt that.