Thank you, CCP

I subbed to Omega a couple of days ago, and I’m thrilled with these changes. The more I read about Nullsec, the less attractive it became.

If the game rewards risk-taking, how come Nullsec reaps the best rewards - recruiters were telling me I’d be making billions in Nullsec with zero risk - while the brunt of the risk lies in Lowsec? It made no sense whatsoever.

Now you’ve fixed it! No local or regional chat. No chat at all.

Nullsec needs to be dangerous. Their throwing a tantrum shows how risk-averse and carebearish they’ve become.

Nullsec needs to deserve its rewards.


I’m not.

Make Nullsec dangerous again.


It’s not that they’re playing wrong. It’s about Nullsec itself, as a concept. If it’s NULL security, it is meant to be dangerous. Not the carebear equivalent of Disneyland.


So move to wormhole and stop teach others.

“Not the carebear equivalent of Disneyland.”

You realize that everyone knows about EVE from the wars in NS right? But ya, something something not dangerous…

From the sounds of it, Cassie lives in a worm hole so…that after all is what she wanted so you would think that’s where she lived…

I believe investing in a C-5 or C-6 will be an option for many bloat Corps that want to keep a level of safe space for their members, plenty of isk to be made and lower risk as camps will now just collapse holes and PVP people entering, I mean not too many ways in a WH and those can be guarded easily.

Yup, WH corporations not yet in an alliance should be prepared to fight off null Corps looking to expand.

I don’t really care for drama, but these last couple weeks has been amusing with the epic levels of salt from many sides. Allow me to sum up thus far:

-PvP crowd: “EVE is dying! CCP can’t do anything right!”

Post-Trig Invasion:
-Incursion crowd: “EVE is dying!”
-PvP crowd: “Yay, ninja salvaging, baiting, and ganking!”

Post-Drifter Invasion:
-Null PvErs: “EVE is dying!”
-Non-Null crowd: “Yay, changes were overdue!”

Local blackout:
-Null PvErs: “EVE is dying! Let’s direct our passive-aggressive anger on high sec!”
-PvP crowd: “Yay, content!”

I may have missed some stuff, but seems about right… :sweat_smile:

+1 CCP, for having the courage to shake things up a bit to make things interesting.


No local in null is one huge but very simple game fix that should have been done long time ago!


Stop lying.

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I second this and want CCP to go even further: Get rid of the Local at all. Those who want to chat may chat in their own Ally/Corp/Custom channels.

Ah you are right…it’s the carebear clubs you belong to that everyone talks about…my bad…

another way for gankers to kill us miners WOOOFRIGGINHOOO! If we didnt already have it hard enuff to survive in null now it’s next to impossible. i really love eve but dam…

These cheerleaders are not really thinking things through…you would be 100% to fear that change as the biggest alert would be removed.

Lol is it that hard to have alts watching stargates into the system. And don’t make out like mining under the umbrella was super risky when you know that’s plain bs.
Learn how to dscan and don’t afk mine you actually need to play the game now.
My heart bleeds purple piss for you it really does.


This has been coming for a long time. This is our sand box, but some of you Null Sec Mental Midget czars keep pissing on the entrance. The fact is EVE is now known as a bully game where over ego-ed, over powered null sec thugs rampage through the only place that new EVE customers come into. They see the imbalance, experience the imbalance and walk away with their real money while EVE is slowly flushed down the toilet of the Null Sec Kings and Queens making. Congratulations dudes you just attempted to kill something you did not design, you attempted to take real money from the owners who paid real money for the platform and are now being dealt with. CCP has punched you thugs in the nose, kicked you in the nuts and hopefully if you do not change will bend you over the proverbial hand rail to finish the job. You could reverse your destructive direction as CCP has given you cause to do and quit pissing on the entrance to our sand box and let high sec be for new players to come in and decide for themselves what they want to do in our sand box. For so long you have belittled the individuals who complained that your ego driven actions were destroying the game that the game is where it is today. You Null sec Meat heads can either grow the game or there will be others who will do it in your absence. High Sec is a recruitment zone and should be treated as such, not a killing field which convinces our possible new friends that this is to much trouble for them to deal with after a long days work. Quit pissing on the entrance of the sand box or get ready to be bent over the rail till you leave, change or get thrown out. Some of us will stay to the end, lets change the way we do business and start attracting new blood and money to the game. You are not in control, quit acting like you are. Honestly some of you could not grow a weed in a rain forest but karma is just and you can change or not.


Unfortunately, we need them as well. If there was no one to break the game, then the game would not be worth playing. I just miss being able to WD them from a small high sec corp.

I know we need all EVE players, but lets be reasonable and try to grow the membership before we lay waste to it. The game is the membership, be reasonable and grow your population instead of clear cutting it to extinction. The Null Sec Commanders have the power, its time to grow the game.

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It’s CCP’s job to grow THEIR game, not ours. THEY need to fix core mechanical problems, not US. Take the blinders off and lay blame on the people actually responsible for things…

Yes to some extent your right, except for the elephant in the room that is we are dropping in new players. EVE is great, I will stay to the end just to see what happens. But do not complain when real people find the game to be a waste of their precious time because they see the one place they can learn the game is a killing field full of tear collectors. This is our problem, our management needs to address it or the owners of CCP will. Remember this is their money generating platform and the changes that have just occurred are based on their real world economics not our egos.

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