Are you one of the nullsec krabs threatening to unsub your 2,147,483,647 accounts? Read here

You screeched Adapt or Die to everyone else for over 3 years, now it’s your turn to adapt for only the next 3~ weeks. Here is a bunch of stuff you can do while there is no local in nullsec that doesn’t involve orbiting a smugglers gate semi AFK watching Netflix. I know, I know. You moved from flying a 5b Golem in highsec to flying a 15b Hel in nullsec because it’s actually safer right? Yeah, it’s not fair and you’re probably Null NPC #3743 in your current corporation/alliance. How much of this applies to you?

  • I don’t even know 5% of the players in my corporation
  • I’ve had actual conversations with less than 2% of the players in my corp or alliance.
  • I don’t join voice comms or socialise with my corp unless I absolutely have to.

If you answered yes, then it might be time to find a new corporation. I would highly recommend wormhole space or factional warfare, you can make even more money, will probably have more fun and will make actual real friends in your corporation instead of being a faceless tax envoy. You’ll make the game more fun for everyone too (◕‿◕✿)

Having no local is no-where near as bad for smaller corps, since you can all communicate well together.
“Hey phil is the Myrmidon on dscan you?”
compared to
oh hey there is a myrm on scan and I have no idea if it’s friendly or not because it probably belongs to corp member #2343 who doesn’t even have mumble installed

Having and living in a wormhole, a small constellation of nullsec or a lowsec pocket with just your friends is so much more fun and circumvents a lot of the disadvantages of not having local. eve-online is a sandbox game that is built on player interaction, IMO you’ll enjoy the game a whole lot more if you actually, well, interact.

Why not give a wormhole or a LS / independent nullsec corp a go while local is down? Hell, if you hate it, it’s not like ASCENDING BRAVE NEW PANDEMIC FLEET is going to turn down your 15% ratting tax if you re-apply. As long as you still have a pulse they’re going to accept you just like before.

But I don’t want to leave my corp? Ok, no problem. Check this stuff out.

  • Abyssal Deadspace PVE is new and pretty cool, it’s way more fun, challenging and involved than pressing your mouse 5 times every 40 minutes to run a Haven in a VNI. You can make super ratting numbers running T5s pretty reliably. Check out Fonsui’s google sheet that has a ton of different fits you can use to run them. You can run abyssal sites 1000km off your staging keepstar or from highsec if you’re not actively at war. If you like the chilled out semi-afk nature, Gila will easy mode almost every tier 3 site while you watch the latest episode of suits or whatever your favourite show is on Netflix.
  • You can run Epic Arcs once every 3 months, how about getting some decent isk and tidying up some standings. Pirate faction epic arcs can also be nice too, they can be completed in a PVP fit AF, give good rewards and can get your pirate faction standings up. CCP are releasing new pirate implants later in the summer, so being in a position to farm burners for them could be lucrative, the standings are useful too for baiting people or if you want to avoid being featured in Tomalaks latest youtube video.
  • Why not give wormhole day tripping a go? You have no local anyway, might as well make even more money. Rykki’s guide and a wormhole gas guide. C5s give a lot of ISK if you can multibox or get some buddies in a few nestors or rattlesnakes. Otherwise, a decent BS fit will make better than carrier ratting numbers solo in a C3.
  • DED sites and cosmic signatures require probes to reach, which you can see on directional scan. How about moving away from cosmic anomalys to cosmic signatures for an extra layer of safety. You can always run DEDs in lowsec too if you want local chat, 5/10s and 6/10s are usually better ISK than than nullsec DEDs too.
  • FW is a lot of fun, while local is down in nullsec, why not try spinning up a FW alt character or just PVPing with your main in the warzone. You can make decent money in FW too even on a low SP alt, just capping novices/smalls is equilvilant to VNI ticks.
  • Triglavian Invasions are pretty dope, if you haven’t tried the new content yet I highly recommend it. Can also do some oldschool incursions in highsec which also yield the same ISK/hour as carrier ratting in a solid group.
  • You could also join in on the hunt for the next 3 weeks too.

10 bucks has them going to James 315 territory in a skiff and mining.


Do you REALLY think that people who answered yes to those questions, who CHOSE to be in corps that allow for that and CHOSE to act like that, would ever change and do FW or something similar?


If theres no button for bacon, I dont see them being interested.


All good except for wormholes…stay out of wormholes if you can’t stand nullsec.

On second thought…nevermind…hurry and fly a solo BS into wormholes - you’re practically guaranteed lots of isk!


This is how I see it.

PVP only players will love having no local. Only one minor detail. people who PVE only will not log in so the pvp’ers will not get their bear kills they would normally have chance to.

I expect a lot of pve’rs just go do something else not eve related = less revenue for ccp.

This will not bring the bounty of pver’s kills I think most people expect.

It’s a massive fundamental change to a system which has been in place since the start of the game 16 or so years ago.

CCP is upsetting a core segment of the player base who PVE and they often have multiple accounts for this. Very risky for CCP I think.

The joy for pvp players may only be temporary as when the pve players stop logging in the fish stock will vanish.


Unfortunately no speeches will make a PvP or more general loss embracing player out of a true carebear.


So you believe that two groups of PvPers wont engage each other?


They will of course but they would with or without the local changes.

Element of surprise can be increased. I’m more concerned about player base retention.

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Do you seriously expect nullbears to move to Lowsec? They’re going straight back to running missions and mining belts in Highsec.


When will CCP finally remove local from HS ?

That’s a huge intelligence tool.

Then gank a miner in James 315 territory.

It has been proven to address player retention.

I think its a far better environment for small squads to fight each other. That can only be a good thing.


Until you keep losing so many ships that you end up poorer than before. And additionally you have to deal with logistics to bring in ships, modules, ammo, implants and replace the losses, which costs time and even more money. That happens to lots of people even if they follow your “super cool guide”.

Not to mention that you advocate for instanced PVE over PVE that is accessible to other people to interfere with. In particular the frigate Abyssal stuff cannot even be scanned down. Great stuff right there.

Yes, every 3 months. And in between?

That is even more effort for additional gains but not spectacular unless you really go for it full time. You need to scan the system to make sure you know what’s going on, you need to prepare the wormholes leading into your system. If you just daytrip there from your null sec home or low sec home, you also need to get ships in range and then back out, which will likely get you to a different place, which means even more time spent for just a bit of ISK.

And here you forget that these have to be spawned by someone as escalations because the naturally spawning signatures are not nearly enough to sustain anyone. And the income from most of these is described very well-meaning with worthless. Look at 8/10s or 7/10s. You sit in 1 signature for 2-3 ticks and get VNI ticks and most of the time nothing but an OPE (in particular in the 8/10).

Even more alts then?

Aren’t they close to worthless now because of the overfarming? Last I heard there’s no point in the invasions.

What is it now? Make up your mind.




Well, then put in effort and planning so you stop losing ships. You’ll learn something about the game as well.

p.s. Why does this even need explaining?


There are vast tracts of empty space in Lowsec whose only visitors are lost newbs in ventures. It’s the safest part of Eve as no-one knows about and those that do avoid it. Pirates don’t go there as there’s nothing to kill or ransom. FW don’t go there, because there’s no FW. PVErs don’t go there because Null has better perceived risk/reward.

Not any more. Lowsec has local, and no one to fill it. Better yet, there’s no landlord to pay.

So come to the vast golden skies of Kador, the empty expanses of Essence and krab away to your hearts content.


Sadly CCP messed up the reward structure. The invasions could have been the Abyss but in the sandbox.

To the DED sites, 5/10 are easy to do and profitable and can be spawned by running a few anoms in highsec.

Also null relic sites were never more profitable than now, since the Odyssee changes in 2013.

Just wait until Intact Armor Plates go to Delve. ^^

Wow, it’s like you and I have done a remote Vulcan mind-meld - except you actually know what you are talking about…

100% agree with this and your recent Reddit post on the nullbloc tear salt,