Any info would help loads

Wanting to make my own corp!

Reasons for wanting my own corp is I can do what I like and when I like, along with a few real life friends who are also newish to eve.
High sec or low sec is not a option as I am fully capable of flying null successfully and the isk is far better to grow in null.
Im after some info on starting a corp. I know their is plenty around to join and I have been in a few well 2 one big corp/alliance and the other a medium size and to be honest I didn’t like both, so please if your just going to post join a corp plz dont waste the finger effort to type.

I have fount a nice spot in null that I have scouted for over a week which looks nice, ill carry on scouting it for a while longer.

The issue I have starting a corp is i have a direction on where I want to go with it but no means to do it what i mean by this I am unsure how I would get pos’s up to said location as I have one friend who can use a jump freighter but that’s it and my understanding is more than just having one player is needed to cyno up to location pending skill level etc. Is there any other way of moving pos’s up to said location “except jump gates” if yes any suggestions would be great thanks.

I am wanting to do this so plz no bashing as at the end of the day this is my game and ill play to what ever style/pace I enjoy.
:balloon:Happy new year also, fly safe :tada:

Mods if this is in the wrong place plz feel free to move. I didn’t feel this warrants posting in the corp part of the forum.

It doesn’t require much; Corporate Management Lv. 1 + 10 million ISK.

Jump Freighters are the fastest way to get equipment moved, but as you can imagine it can be a bit of a pain with the logistics required.

If you don’t have to move far into deep null you could also try and make use of BLOPs bridge in a blockade runner.

I assume you’re looking at NPC Nullsec - you’re not likely to last long in sovereign Nullsec unless you’re a member of the sovereign alliance. If you do join a sov holding alliance they will have a jump freighter service you can use.

In NPC Nullsec you can setup shop in an NPC station of your choosing and pay Black Frog, or one of their competitors, to ship your stuff to Null. Or make friends with the locals (again, you’re not likely to last long otherwise) - there will probably be a community JF service.

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First you need to drop citadel cuz POS are on their way out 2nd I hope you picked some npc nullsec to live in else your adventure may end very fast once the blobers take notice of you living in their space lastly from your own post you don’t strike me as competent or knowledgeable enough to run and maintain a Corp living in lawless space also your friends depending on how new they are will find it very difficult

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You can use jump freighters to move Citadels and engineering facilities. But the larger ones require you to use freighters because of their size.

The thing is, though, even if the space seems empty, it could belong to someone. Best to check out the area and talk to the locals first before setting up shop, otherwise you will lose your ships and stations.

Your friends are not going to have a very good time if you dont know how to run your corp, though. Its not going to be very fun for the person who will keep losing his ships, and even potentially a jump freighter. Remember, jump freighters have a maximum distance, so depending on where the nullsec system is, its going to be difficult to jump there.

If you want to move large stuff, too large for jump freighters(max capacity for JFs is 350k m3), you can try using wormholes. If you find a quiet chain, it will definately be more safer than jumping through gates through nullsec and lowsec.

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Prepare to lose you station soon. More income comes with more risk, and a band of Newbros won’t stand an attack of a bunch of Capitals.
But perhaps you will have earned more in that time than you lose there. And it will be a great experience.

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As Solonlus Rex said: Wormholes.
The smartest way to find a suitable wormhole is to scan in your target region - ideally right in the system you want to setup the structure - and scan a wormhole-chain to highsec, big enough for your hauling ship to come through.

Very helpful tool for this:
You can enter the Wormhole-ID and see where it leads to or enter the wormhole ID (the J-####) of a wormhole system to see if it has any usefull static wormholes. The lower the classe of the wormhole, the higher the chance that it leads to Highsec, btw.

Good luck.

P.S.: If you are in space owned by some player entity, setting up your tents there will sooner or later be noticed and they will take down your stuff. However, you could also contact them and ask to join the holding alliance as a new corp, once you have it setup.
Talking to people can go a long way.


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But be aware that there are also guys living in wormhole systems who love shooting hauling trucks in their backyard…

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Whatever you drop in space will remain there 24/7. Have a lot of friend available to defend it or have a chat with the nearby established players before your stations look awesome on our zkillboards. Diplomacy can get you far.

Try and set up from a NPC station if there is one nearby so you can test if your activities are feasable. A corp in nullsec is like a real life corp, many are created and a horrible amount of the fail hard. Try and do it step by step. And use a google sheet to organise between friends.

Good luck, you will need it. And most importantly, have fun and you and your friends should enjoy yourselves out there.

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Don’t let the naysayers get to you.

It is true that running a corporation is very challenging, but its cool that you want to dive in the deep end of the pool and start right out building your own sandcastle in nullsec. 7 years ago, when I was a new player, I did the same thing. Prepare for a lot of work, and to lose some imaginary space assets while you figure things out.

If you plan to set up in NPC null, you can base out of an NPC station without any immediate need for upwell structures, unless you have chosen a region like Great Wildlands where there is a notable dearth of NPC stations. As others have said, POSes are obsolete and most of their modules no longer work, as they are being phased out of the game.

Jump freighters are super handy, but if you stage out of an NPC station then you have the option to pay Red Frog or another courier service to freighter ■■■■ in to you.

If your preference is sov null, you will either need a benefactor alliance to help you out, or you will need to plan on just doing guerrilla warfare against whoever lives there. There are regions where this is do-able, but don’t plan on making much isk (until you git gud maybe), you’ll be under attack the whole time. Could be fun, but maybe not the most new player friendly thing ever.

Feel free to PM me if you want help planning logistics, since I actually did this once I have some perspective to share.

Honestly do what you want - but if you do not even know how to cyno then you have no business in null/low. All that is going to happen is that you are going to feed expensive structures/ship to players that are extremely bored and have vastly more isk, resources and experience then you do. Do yourself a favor, join a null or low sec corp for a month or two and learn the ropes. Then if you want to setup your own shop go for it. But right now, you are just a fat killmail waiting to happen.

Quick word of advice

If you don’t fully understand all the systems in place that necessitate this
Then it’s probably not the best idea for you just yet.

There are more than a few players whose sole aim in the game
Is to make people like you game experience as unpleasant as possible
They will constantly keep you war-decced
They will constantly blow up your ■■■■
Because they can
And if you rant & cry about it
They will be very, VERY happy.

But if you think you can deal with that
Good luck and have fun

oh … and be careful with those new recruits
they could be the alts of the people blowing up your stuff
and they’ll only be there to steal what they cant blow up with their other characters

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