Getting to a new Home after Joining?

Hi all, recently back after a 4 year break and looking to join a new group/alliance, etc. My question is I cant remember once I do join a corp, etc, How do you get from High Sec to their little section of Nullsec, without getting destroyed by other corps on the way or gate gankers on the way. Is there a direct jump, or some other way? For the life of me im drawing a blank on movement except when we would mass jump with a capital ship as a group to attack a target or stage. Thanks!

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Most null group are able to assist you or have services that portal or bridge you to their space.

Ahh thats right! Thank you very much!

Shuttles are nullified NO one except Smartbombs can stop a shuttle.

We are recruiting for NPC nullsec in Syndicate if interested.

Lookup Stronghold Corporation and we are Cursed Battalion Alliance small but working at it.


  1. Once per year you can ‘clone jump’ directly to a corp’s home station by selecting their station in your character sheet.

  2. Shuttles are now immune to bubbles and are great for getting around nullsec, just watch out for smartbombers.

  3. If you have cyno-capable ships ask if anyone in the corp is able to light you a cyno to your new home system…Might want to wait a while to bring your caps in until you’re positive they aren’t just trying to recruit scam you and separate you from your ships…

  4. Take the risk of going gate-to-gate in a regular ship. Fit warp core stabilizers, an interdiction nullifier and a cloak never hurts. Bring a scout if possible or you’ll probably still get caught in a gate camp along the way depending where you’re going.

Hey thanks buddy, great advice. Gotta start thinking like the worlds out to get you again till i settle in a new home fleet!

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