Wanted to return after several years absence, but then


I’ve been away from eve for a bunch of years and was thinking in logging back in and see whats what BUT

My main character is in null sec (somewhere in Fade), in a minmatar carrier, undocked …

Last i know, i left the character docked. Not sure which station … Obviously something must have happened to said station or something.

It also appears my last corp is no longer there/active.

I’ve tried contacting support to get my character moved but since the carrier is jump capable, they cant do that and said i should ask a friend to help me out.
Well, none of the people i know play eve any more …

What should I do? I’d rather not lose that ship. Its my only capital ship and i remember i worked hard for it


Find a local corp in the area and apply, and if you have a structure around that you can dock in, dock up immediately.

you were most likely either in a stucture that was destroyed, and/or removed from game, and that left you undocked, with your clone being destroyed that was in the structure.

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Join the war in the south. Pick a side, I’m sure either sides’ alliances will be happy to have a new Cap in the fleet, they’ll help ya jump out.

Probably destroyed?

Ask for help.

Ill help you.

For a price, of course.

Send me a mail.

That, or you could just join a corporation that is willing to help you.

Well, thank you guys for your replies.

I looked up who owns that space and ill try contacting some of the people there and work something out.

I am no longer interested in null sec and want to get out of there. Kinda sucks im in a carrier.

Ill see if i can work out a deal with the people there, maybe sell them the carrier for a fraction of the price if they let me dock and leave their space

How did it go?

Bump… I’m curious too.

I just returned after years away myself.

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