Returning to eve was no what i thought

Stoped playing eve in 2016 with 2 of my characters docked in station sitting in carriers out in a null sec station.

Did a 10 min logon 10 moths ago (characters still docked in same null sec station in carriers).

Today i log on and find 1 character in a low sec station at the other side of eve univers not in his carrier but carrier is in station, the other character still in carrier floating in free space still in same system as i loged of in.

have some game mechanic changed the last 10 moths so you get booted out of a station or what might have happened ?

the station you were in in null was either killed or anchored. placing ur pilots in low sec safty and or sitting in free space

How come 1 ends up in low sec and other one in free space ? why do not both characters end up at same place ?

You probably moved him and forgot.

There is some poorly documented script that moves characters in space to a station after some time (six months?) if they haven’t logged in. Perhaps you logged one character in but not the other during that brief visit?

Does it matter though? CCP has gone out of its way to make your stuff safe and near risk-free to move so just roll with it and move you stuff back to where you want it.

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10 mins free interaction in 3 years and you complain about asset movement?

Mid February and still entitled Snowflakes everywhere.

If the station dies you should lose the ships and stuff inside. After 3 years, the pod too.

My only guess is that you were drunk and forgot! …much like you are now while writing this thread about it!

Not complaining , just wounder what might have happened and apparently a ■■■■ ton of game mechanics have changed during my 3 year absence.

This, could have just as easily been:

I came back and everything I owned was gone except a reaper and one trit :sunny:

Be Happy!

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