Coming back to game logistic problem

So i tried to coming back into gaming after around 3 years gap, and the problem is in my state when i login:
My corp - dead
My alliance - dead
Station - not existed
so after i logged in iam in middle of nullsec system on thanatos with around 3-4kkk fit… ouch… some skills was refactored, some mechanics i forget, and i event cant stay logged in to check everything because i afraid somone could scan me and make easy kill…
So what can i do?
I need to go to 0.1-0.4 security system with station to dock and be safe, but its around 6 jumps, im not say about needing of cyno field generator…
So iam stuck
Do anyone have some advices? how not to loose carrier?

You can petition the GM’s to move you - not sure if your situation qualifies but they like to encourage returning players.

You can also apply to join the alliance that currently holds sov where you are. Many will value a returning veteran more that a carrier kill.

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You take responsibility for where you park your ship. Nothing lasts forever.

Hehe. I am about to login the verys first time since I think 10 years? I should have carriers and battleships T3 stuff all over the place. I am not sure that stuff even exists the way it used to be. This will be interesting. :slight_smile:

Stuff from disappeared station was transferred to i think closest lowsec station, so it is no problem :slight_smile:

Try petition, this is probably your best option. Else have your cyno alt ready.

But you have to pay ISK to get it back… :smiling_imp:

create a second account, just train cyno, fit a cyno ship, move it at jump range from where your carrier is located, and jump to your cyno

Petition a gm. They will move you and some stuff.

here is the link to the policy
moving stuff

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