Restarting after years gone

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I guess I’m not really a new player. My main toon is in 15W-GC “illegally” according to my login screen. Says I am in a Kronos. I have no idea if my corp even still exists. This is probably the hangar where I have most of my stuff. What happens if I log in?

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Hello and welcome back to Eve.

Since you’ve been gone for years and have come back to find your character and assets located in enemy space, you should file a Support Ticket about it.

I believe CCP will do a one time move of your character and one ship filled with as much stuff as it will hold to a more friendly place.

It’s probably a good idea to sell all the extra stuff because once you leave that enemy controlled station, you won’t be able to dock back there again.

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Hi there and welcome back to New Eden.

Don’t be too afraid of logging back in with your character, so long as your character is docked in a station (Outpost), the only catch of being in, now, enemy space is that you can’t undock without being unable to dock or other risks affiliated with being in Null.

May I suggest you have a talk with the current Sovereignty holders, maybe they will be kind enough to lend you a hand in getting some (maybe even all) of you assets back to a more secure space.

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LOL, they’re more likely to say sure … We’ll let you get out … No problem …

And you’ll get out all right …

I would recommend logging in and switching to your largest carry capacity ship, loading it up with as much stuff as you possibly can. Maybe even purchase a transport ship thats on a local market then pack some hulls if possible. load that ship to the brim then file that ticket.

Alternatively, see where your jumpclones are located at and your assets at other locations. You now have a PLEX vault, stick any and all PLEX in there, do not try to carry it anywhere in your ships cargo and do not leave it in any station. Then use the jumpclone if the ticket doesn’t work.

All your contacts, chat channels etc. will still be tehre, so you can log on and check them out without having to undock. If they are still playing and you get in touch, then you know what to do and where to go from there.

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