Have returned to the game after 2yrs

so im back after another hiatus, although this one wasnt by choice. found myself in my carrier and stuck in null sec. anything i can do to get myself out? idont have alot of my stuff since it seems to just be scattered over New Eden in asset protection. can i ask for support to relocate me or something? maybe ask for asistance with cyno beacons, i have the one char i know i can use but thats about it.

sidenote these new updates im hearing about have me worried, and confused. TLDR?

Spend some time to figure out where you want to be relocated. Support will usually do it. Once.

What changes have you worried? With a fresh perspective you should have no trouble adapting. The cyno changes last year were a bit severe, but you can use regular gates now, so win some, lose some.

Support will generally NOT move your assets for you if you are in a jump drive capable ship (such as your Carrier). But it can’t hurt to send them a message and try. Maybe you’ll get a nice GM who’ll help.

No Support, GMs, nor CCP will ever help you with cyno beacons while they are acting in their official capacity. You could try asking around the locals, but that’s a huge risk.

The TL:DR is don’t worry about. If you’ve been gone for 2 years, you wouldn’t even have a reliable baseline to compare these changes to.

as far as cyno’s go i wanted to know if there were any player groups that would help. since i dont think i can join any corp thats out here currently. i do remeber being vetted extensively last time

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