Returning player stuck

So I’ve played this game on and off for a long time now and I just recently got back on. I logged on and am now stuck in hostile null in a rorq and have no idea what to do. I stayed logged in long enough to finish the warp i was in and i landed in empty space but logged off quickly for obvious reasons(in a rorq in hostile space…). Any advice would be helpful. All my assets were in a nearby station which is obviously destroyed now so not sure where those went, and my rorq is probably my most expensive asset.

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Log in your alts and light a cyno in the direction of safety.

If your character is piloting a jump capable ship, CCP will usually not assist you in moving your assets out of null when returning from an extended break.



if you cant do that
search for the nearest npc station , maybe create a alt to scout
make a contract and sell your rorq
unfortunately the price dropped a lot

I have an alt that can use a cyno if I train the skill which will be an hour or so. biggest issue is i dont really want to have to sub an alt right now especially just to be able to start playing the game. I could try the npc station but I dont really want to get dropped on by all the corps around here.

f12 > petition

tried that lol they said no

Oh well, it was worth a shot…

Cyno time then, eh?. No cyno alt? cyno friends?

how do i find the nearest npc station? dont see any filter on the map unless i missed it

unfortunately not, been off too long dont know anybody anymore. I could maybe get my alt to cyno but it needs to be omega and i really just want to test the waters to see if i still want to play the game, so buying a sub for an alt just to get me out of null is kind of worst case scenario.

You could pay someone trusted or a friend to light a cyno for you, right? Don’t know if this works but its the first thing I thought of.

You could just give it to me

to be frank i forgot and maybe there is other way to do it but
probably you can go in the map sovereignty and search for the name of the pirate
ex in delve the rats are blood raiders

This again,

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. What if this happened to me, it would be a huge problem as all my stuff is in one station. Wouldn’t be cost effective for me to get someone to move it and would take weeks of boring game play to move it myself, that’s even if I could.

The fact that CCP does this kind of thing and has little regard for its players has made me decide to leave this game completely, so this is my last post. Happy Xmas.


Hey friend, can you evemail me on this character or I’ll do it via the app, I can help you out with a Cyno and buy the ship of you even if you want, we can meet on discord aswell or TeamSpeak.

As a streamer you don’t need to fear I’m scamming or trapping you, but I’m not a very known person.

I can even give you a new home if you want and all that, let’s talk in eve about that all, I’ll be home in 3-4h ish so if you are online then it should all work out.

EDIT: you have to eve mail me from your alt, since it’s Alpha you can still text me :slight_smile:

Asset Safety saves a majority of assets for players in these circumstances. The alternative used to be losing everything (POS) or getting locked out of your assets entirely (Stations) and being forced to contract / firesale it to recover any value.

This is lie, but I wish it were real.

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If this happen to you, you playing the wrong content not game.

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Getting stuck is the worst.

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I was actually going to link that one but thought it was the less forum-safe option. :V