Stuck in nullsec with a Thanatos

Hi, I have not played eve online in like over 4 years. Today I logged into my account wanting to start playing again to find the corp booted me for inactivity, I think. Now my character is in nullsec very far from highsec, with no corp, and I’m in a thanatos.

Honestly I’m still just trying to remember how to play the game. But this thanatos’s value is basically the entire value of my account. I have no Idea how I’m going to get it back to a safe station. After logging in and trying to remember how to use the directional scanner, I was already starting to get combat probed within a few minutes. How can I figure out the safest way back to highsec. I’m currently in Delve, Please help me figure out what to do

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Firstly, welcome back!

You could either join a corp in the region, or, realistically, you would have to get a friend to cyno you out of where you are and back into regular space.

Its hard to believe that you have a thanatos but nothing else, but you could also try petitioning the GMs to see if they would move you, although its not a gauruntee and may take some time.

Good luck.

Ps. I will be happy to cyno you out for a fee of course.

You’re name is so close to the name I’ve been using in other games xD, “Davious Rex” lol
I have submitted a ticket to eve support. Hoping they can just move me. I really don’t know anyone else irl who plays the game. If I can get a gm to help, I’ll reach back out. Thanks

Now that you have posted here, and you have a ship with very limited docking ability…i have 1 bit of advice…trust noone. Since you have already likely been combat probed, dont log back in until youve found a solution and a solid plan to escape.

In this game, im known as “nice guy Sol”, because im such a nice guy.


GM’s just responded to my ticket. They said that my ship does not qualify to be move because it is jump capable and can get out of its situation. I seriously don’t remember how to play very well but if your willing to help a player out, not sure how much you would charge to cyno me

true… its been 4 years but I still remember that. Definitely in a desperate situation though…

I can get it out but id suggest trying to contact the nearby groups and seeing if theyd let you join. If its delve, my guess is goonswarm? Check sov on dotlan and join karmafleet, theyre usually easy to join.

Pm me if you failed and cant do that.

You have further slots for new chars, how about a new career? Get used to the basics again and make some friends who own a proper station and then start a rescue mission.

I yearn for the day CCP adds a toggle to auto-kick people who haven’t logged on in over a month.

Depending where you are in Devle, yeah, you are not in a good position.

Carriers cannot go to high sec, but if you mean, how do I get to low security space, yeah will be a trick, especially if you have no cloak.

They are in a ship. They cannot join a corporation while in space.

Good, any other response would have been an outrage.

Deep in hostile territory. Cannot join a corporation until you are able to dock. No cloak. Out of game 4 years. You know your ship has pretty much doubled in value, but is useful for half as many things while you have been away, right?

As Eloken said: You are not going into hisec in that thing, ever. So that is an idea you can already bury.

Only reasonable choice I see would be to contact the current holders of what ever system you are in outside of the game or via an alt and haggle. Maybe they let you dock on their stuff, if you in return join them.
Wouldn’t be unheard of.
Other than that: Tough luck, really. I don’t see any reasonable way out of this. I would definitely set my home station remotely to somewhere safe, though. Just in case you get blapped.

EDIT: Why the hell did you even log out a carrier in space… and then not come back for 4 years? At least you should have docked before that.

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In case nothing (else) works, as a last resort, you can always self-destruct your ship then (so they have less time to scan you down) warp away in your pod then self-destruct the pod as well to get back to your medical clone location (home) station.

Make sure (before exploding your pod) you remotely set a proper hi-sec system as your home station (medical clone) unless you’d rather wake up in your current one.

Could have been logged off in a POS.

If it was a Chimera, yeah, but Thanatos is top tier carrier. Shame to waste it.

Wouldn’t asset safety have kicked in and the ship be transferred to the next best NPC station? Or ain’t that a thing in Null (like in jspace). If not, then the ship would have popped out of the POS, when it was slapped, no?

Not if they were logged off in space, even if they were in a POS, it probably got unanchored years ago.

Oh well. I don’t even log a Venture in space (except maybe at a jspace stick).

Welcome back!

The way I would prepare to get that Thanatos out is to:

  • see if there are any NPC stations in low sec or null sec within your jump range (caps cannot enter HS)
  • also get Omega on your second account so that you can light a cyno for your Thanatos to move it around. I assume you do have a cyno alt?
  • not log that Thanatos in the coming days

Easier may be to re-apply to Goons. You were part of them, they may take you back if you only got kicked for going AFK. Once you’re in Goons again finding a nearby station to dock in is going to be a lot easier.

If that doesn’t work, Delve does have NPC stations you could jump to, but if you don’t know what you’re doing it could be dangerous.

First I would play a bit on another character to get to know the game again before logging in to that Thanatos character. People have combat probed it, might have bookmarked the location, may be running locator agents to know if you’ve left system so it will be dangerous to log it back in if you don’t yet know immediately where to jump.

Could be that he did log off docked. I am pretty sure that if you’re sitting in your ship and the structure unanchors or is blown up, your ship will the there in space. Asset safety kicks in for the other ships, not the one you’re sitting in.

Ah, that is a far thought.

To be precise: When you are logged off the moment the station disappears, the ship you were sitting in (and all its cargo) reappears in space the next time you log in. This way you can save some goodies in an eviction.
So avoid to sit just in a pod when you log off in a station, you never know when a hiatus starts :wink:

But when you log off a second too late, your ship appears on grid and can be shot. You don’t want that to happen while being evicted, this can be a nasty kill mail.

Sell the carrier to someone who can extract it safely (or can dock there). Use a trusted third-party-service for payment.

→ buyer transfers the payment to the third-party
→ wait until you got confirmation of payment from the third-party
→ arrange a date&time for the transaction
→ you only log in after the buyer has confirmed that he is ready and you should log in (screenshot/videorecord that message)
→ when out of login-warp, eject from the ship and leave/selfdestruct the pod
→ receive payment from the third-party to your wallet, what the buyer (or anyone else who might want to intercept the deal) is doing with the ship isn’t your concern any more

This way you get some starting money for a fresh start and don’t have to wait forever. Just don’t expect to get the full value out of it. But safely getting 2 Billion is probably better than waiting months or risk losing 3 Billion (or whatever your fit does cost).