Raiding Null Sec

What does it take to actually take to raid null sec?

Carriers and capitals only have a certain range and special requirements to field. Making fleets of faster sub caps able to avoid and out run them.

Certain low cost industrial fits can be tanked and stuffed with cargo containers to be a fast moving baggage train to try and escape with all the loot.

And it’d be good fun.

So what would it look like? What are some tactics to start with?

oh wait, you’re serious, let me laugh even harder

Why don’t your spam some threads at nullsec, that might hurt 'em.


The funniest thing about you Scoots is your killboard sucks.

I noticed you lost some Domini’s today, with shitty fits too :slight_smile:

I also noticed you lost more than you killed…how you got points for it I’ll never know…must be assists.

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Imagine being this much of a loser that:

  1. you think zkillboard stats matter
  2. would post on an alt account to try and hide your main

If that’s all you have got to try and insult me, you’re gonna need to try a lot harder than that.

But otherwise, feel free to theorycraft a way to "raid’ nullsec. I’d love to hear what misconceptions you have about what it takes to ‘raid’ null. lmao



Your pvp alt must not be good then, lmao.

Oh I disagree, my SPs are not as good as yours I’m sure, though I can probably fly that Domi better than you :slight_smile:

But Baiting is just so daaaayum fun…

Why don’t you try raiding nullsec with your mining bait then? :man_shrugging:

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Wouldn’t work, you guys all AFK mine like baboons.

You’re welcome in LS any time, but you seem to take pride in never leaving safety.

All this trash talk and nothing to back it up.

Why are you derailing this topic, btw? I thought you were planning on attacking nullsec somehow?

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Hard to back it up when you hide in station. I mean what do you even do? :slight_smile:

I knew it! Your alt does hide in a station! lol
at least you had the balls to admit it, cheers man

You refers to you in this case, not some rhetorical you :wink:

But we all know that if you ask anyone they’ll say Low-Sec is the place with the biggest balls.

I know you talk a lot about the good ol’ days of wars in Null, but those days…long gone. I mean so gone that Test just sits there with their “giant balls” hanging out in Perimeter and no one bashes them.

SO what do you do?

But… you looked up my killboard and saw that I’m don’t stay docked in a station… ? Or are you lying again?

You’re free to your own opinions.

I don’t actually, but you’re allowed to have wrong opinions.

Why don’t you come and try something then? Or you can sit down and enjoy the low taxes like everyone else. :slight_smile:

I’m just having fun watching you talk about things you don’t know.
So… just how exactly are you going to “raid” “nullsec”? And do you even know which part of nullsec to attack or who even lives there? :thinking:

Your killboard is kinda bare, you came out recently though.

I’m also going over Null stats…lonely place. 1 average pilot in system for almost ALL systems…imagine that.

Jumps are dismal…

Null is over-hyped?

Looks to me you’re coming up with excuses to avoid actually coming up with a plan to raid nullsec.

I have a plan, you’re just not discussing it. You’re all bragadoccio

What is your plan?

Says the kid who posted:

But okay.

What’s your plan to “raid” nullsec?

Sorry was making a kill :slight_smile:

Congrats on the kill.

So what’s the plan?

First part of plan was select ships :stuck_out_tongue: But I also had a thought of why not just freighter them in, undoubtedly there are freeports which solves a ton of logi issues.

Use a colateral freighter service like PushX, get all your ships past the choke points…easy peasy.