Why doesnt Null invade Lowsec?

I just dont understand why if Null is so mighty, they hide in Null? Lowsec is available for conquest too. Stand your fleets there and protect your Jita highways? Makes economic sense.

Only conclusion is they arent good enough.


Cause nullsec has better resources, more fun, and lowsec is empty


Its the opposite lol. Just read the Goons recent cruise-fail.

We’re making so much isk out in null, why bother? Besides, lowseccers just dock up in npc stations, so you can’t even properly evict them. They pop out like cockroaches as soon as you leave.


You are? You mean bot-ratting requires you 5o be there? Lolololol

More excuses. Stand your fleet up and keep them docked. Shouldnt take much either with all your multiboxing.

Do you actually think null hasn’t already taken lowsec?

Why don’t you try taking an R64 or R32 moon in any lowsec system? I’m pretty sure a null alliance should make their presence known to you at that point.


Null works the same way bub. You just dock up in a station that your enemies wont bash anyway.

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They dont. And its Test too! Lol shame on them

The answer is quite obvious!
And I’m sure not all of us think the same way…

its same everywhere!
There is more aggression going on in forums than in the game itself!


While true it seems to be the null-sec’rs who avoid fighting the most

What Scoots Chobo admits is null-sec’rs cant hunt. Cant bait. Cant pvp.

If your targets are docking up. You’ve already proven you dont know what the hell you’re doing.

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You keep posting threads that show you don’t understand the point you are talking about.

It doesn’t make economic sense for null to take low sec systems, unless you assume they have unused farmers who can’t find anything better to farm in null, and infinite resources to take/hold low sec systems while still defending/farming their null systems.

It seems like you are trying to call out null sec players here as incompetent or cowards or something, when in actuality what you are saying is you don’t understand logistics.


I don’t know how you cant get this thru your head.

Null loses trillions of Isk passing though lowsec systems.

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They are cowards. They are too incompetent to leave their blue doughnut.

They cant even take a vacation from their slave plantations to actually pvp for real. Not those lame fleet battles tht re all staged and planned for weeks lol.

They are addicted to sloth.

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You can “lolol” all you want, but it’s an objective fact that we’re making the most money. Here’s a graph from November’s MER.

Again, we don’t care about irrelevants like you in lowsec. Why should we care?

[Citation needed]

Incompentent or not, there’s no reason to leave. There’s billions upon billions of ISK to be made out here with little to no effort and no danger. That’s kind of the entire draw of Nullsec.

Please define what you mean by “actually pvp for real”.

Like I said, easiest money in the game with almost no effort.

You’re trying to mock nullsec, but I don’t see what arguments you actually have other than:

  1. you’re too scared! (we don’t care)
  2. hahahaa!! (ok, so what)
  3. come “real pvp” (whatever that means)

Because your more useless then the people in high sec.
No low sec entity can take the null super spam, its gg before it even started. Your insignificant, and a waste of time.

Which is why ccp needs to extend concord into low.

The answer to everything is as follows.: " LOBBYING POWER ".

Null-Sec Big Cops have a lot of “Lobbying Power”.
They can convince and pressure CCP to create rules, mechanics and structures that protect and privilege them, discouraging and even preventing competition.

This generates a “Snowball Effect”. The more privilege they have, the more people join them seeking an easier way up, further empowering them, allowing them to put even more pressure on CCP and on the Game. So on so forth.

Nothing much different from what has been happening in governments around the world.
Those with Power use the State to protect themselves and gain More Power.

Null-Sec Big Cops have not yet taken possession of Low-Sec because Low-Sec and Wormhole-Space don’t have Sovereignty Mechanics.

If you like Oligopoly and is looking for an easier life, go to Sov-Null.
If you like Adrenaline and Harsh Environment, go live in Low-Sec or Wormhole-Space.
If you like a False Sense of Security and fewer opportunities to profit, go live in High-Sec.


What a troll post!
People who live in null achieved a lot in the years by building up a pure player based environment. For most things they are self sufficient. Yes, they do export some things to Jita but that is far from their main intrests.

Why should null take over low sec? Let lowsec be a stepping stone for PVP aspirants. The haulers lost on the way to Jita are people who are learning to become better.

Your lack of understanding combined by your pretentious fascism is annoying. Try and put more effort in your shitposts.

Null has better money and none of the bs gate/station guns, limited engagement timers, lack of bubbles etc. Null doesn’t invade lowsec because there is no reason to invade. For those that don’t like sov there is NPC null which is way better than lowsec.

You can’t get the site spawns in lowsec. If lowsec pirates are so badass… why don’t THEY invade null?

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