Low Sec

Low-sec seems to me like it should be considered more difficult than Null-sec by far. With no actual control of territory it just seems like a loose mad max style brawl wherever you are. As a buffer between high-sec and null-sec it is a haven for pirates and griefers. If there was something you could change about low-sec what would it be? Low-sec just seems to be lacking something i just do not know what it is.


Well, with CCP’s almost complete lack of interest in LS combining with almost no advocacy by any CSM lately, LS has languished in both use and utility…and that is a stupid waste of an area that should be an ideal stepping stone into null and more advanced gameplay. Several ideas have been put forward in other threads, I recommend you go find the threads that Brisc started when he asked for ideas from both the HS and LS communities. Off the top of my head, I liked ideas like:

Strengthening Gate guns at the first gate entering LS to prevent gate camps staying and harvesting people entering LS.
Stronger NPC station guns that gradually stat down as you get to lower sec ratings.
A new NPC entity called Frontier Force who responds to aggression based on your Faction Standing (not by sec of system), stats/number and types of ships are adjusted based on sec of system, and , most importantly, can be defeated by another player(s) if those players are strong enough. Engaging the Frontier Force lowers your Faction Standing not sec and the destroyed Force ships have reduced loot/ normal salvage drops.

YVMV about the above.
However, the idea was to create an area where while you have safer areas to enter LS, you would be in an environment where mission runners would have more people enter and interfere with their missions, miners would have more encounters in the belts, explorers …etc. First, though, you had to get people to step into LS. Forcing people to do it through game mechanics is just a recipe for more players either ignoring it or quiting. If you dangle the concept that just entering LS isn’t a death sentence and you MIGHT get some NPC support, well then more people might try it more frequently, expanding gameplay for them and, just as importantly, for the reguler LS players looking for people to interact with on a more frequent basis.

There are plenty of ideas out there, the real issue is convincing that CCP should spend developmental assets revigorating LS. A CSM member who specifically advocates for LS would be nice, but unless CCP decides to put forth the initiative on their own, the players are powerless. Perhaps with the increase manpower at CCP we might to actually get to see some marked change and improvement in LS life.


Because anyone who wins a PvP match is a griefer.

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What is this lowsec that you speak of?

Sorry, just remembered, it is an area that I go through on the way to nullsec and where asset safety stuff gets dumped.

What it lacks is really any reason to go there and do anything, OK I might have done some PI there, and I did do some ninja mining there a few times, but it was just not especially good returns for the extra hassle. I think giving more reasons to go there for hisec players that does not make them easy kills.

@Poncy_Twaat I pressed the post button too early, then added what I wanted to say.


Correction: he is someone who protects his brethren no matter what happens.


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The “problem” with low sec is that the risk vs. reward is out of whack, when compared to Null or Hisec.
Therefore the only people truly getting something out of it are the hardcore small scale PvP crowd.
But there isn’t much small scale PvP to be had in pockets of dead systems. And the systems are dead because they aren’t worth the risk… Give people something actually worth fighting over, and they’ll fight over it.


I remember ratting and running missions I’m high-sec thinking that moving to low-sec would pay better since it’s more dangerous. Nope! The pay is basically the same but now you can be ganked or gate-camped. What’s the point?? I’ve never been to null but I’ve heard deep inside your territory you’re basically free to do whatever and make a bunch of ISK in relative safety. You’re right that the risk/reward balance of low-sec seems off.


low-sec FUBAR

There are certain activities in low sec that are certainly worth the risk, especially if you’re in a group that can manage that risk (big enough to be scary.) For example, some DED sites in low sec can be blitzed and are worth far more than null sec DEDs, since not a lot of people run them. Anoms are worth more than in high sec, but probably not enough to be worth the risk. If you want missions you should just stay in high sec.

If you live in low sec, you rarely worry about the gate camps, those are only on the high sec connections.

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griefers live in highsec, lowsec is pvpers.


Make more of it, and remove Citadels from it.
Oh and make it so that some minerals can only be found in low sec.


Don’t be stupid.

It’s missing more players with better attitudes



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Classix Nouveaux - Never Again

Should i edit it to say Reaper instead? Lol

Learn to play Eve before you ask retarded questions.

By the way flagged as innapropriate as it crosses the border onto Eve bashing, but you seem like a decent guy so I’ll give you a pass.

There’s nothing wrong with lowsec. Come and join us.

I didnt mean anything bad by it, i just meant reaper as in a hunter of lost souls. No bashing intended.

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Good God Y’all!

What is it good for?