Lowsec Should Be More Valuable Than Nullsec

Seriously. For all the bluster and wars fought to hold space, Null is on average safer than low, with the exception of pipes to enter it. When I’m out doing exploration, or ratting, or even if I was mining, getting to null is the hard part. Once I’m out there the isk just flows.

For the life of me I’ve never understood why null has the highest value. If anything, null should have the highest territorial value in terms of moongoo, but small sites, complexes, asteroid belts, and exploration sites should be highest value in lowsec. It’d do a lot to get people interested in poking their heads out when they can go a few jumps down and get access to Arkonor or nullsec sleeper sites.

No it won’t. They tried to entice people to go to lowsec, over and over, and no changes in behavior. People who stay in high-sec want, literally, 0 risk, and no amount of extra riches is worth being exposed to ANY risk at all.

The problem with lowsec is that there’s no control over the PVP’ers (pirates). Absolutely no control. Low-sec is a permanent, always on, warzone.

With null, if an alliance has taken over an area and has made the space safe for its people, you can negotiate admittance as a neutral, pay rent, or join the actual alliance, and these options give you pretty solid guarantees that your risk will be low. While there are no wars happening.

Lowsec and null, for BOTH areas the risk is completely controlled by the PVP’ers choosing to reside there. No amount of changing the loot drop tables by CCP will affect this control that PVP’ers have, nor should it. The difference that baffles you is because it’s always war time in lowsec, but for null we only have wars during summer / winter, and they are very publicized on the various media sites, so you know there’s a war and can avoid the area.


Your wish will likely come true with the next event …

Looks like CCP thinks like you as well:

It’s just a matter of making the community aware of it, but apparently events are now designed so the largest rewards are in LS.

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Agreed. Even CCP Dragon said nullsec is on par with highsec, when it comes to safety. Lowsec is the most dangerous space.


Agreed. In terms of the desired per site reward or average rewards, null-sec, low-sec and wormhole space should all basically be on par.

  • Null-sec gains advantage through sov upgrades which increase the frequency of sites
  • Wormhole space gains advantage through manipulation of space (rolling connections) to refresh content
  • Low-sec then provides the same level of rewards but without the environmental enhancements. Individual pilots can get similar rewards but there will still be incentive to make the other areas of space more profitable if the work is put in.

Just because one CCP dev may accept the obvious does not mean CCP will change the reward system. The null sec cartels have invested way too many resources into lobbying CCP for the current win conditions for anyone to expect CCP to actually change those win conditions.


CCP Dragon did more than agree. As far as was stated in the Warzone Extraction thread, he actually said that it was already the case for that event: the rewards were greatest in LS. It’s just that it wasn’t communicated very well.

Sadly. This.

No, lowsec space is garbage. It’s like null lite with none of the perks.

High < low < NPC null < sov null < wormhole

But events don’t fall into that category. Events are game wide and thus should be equal game wide.

Low sec should be removed from the game tbh and redistribute the space between high and null and redesign the security status system and war mechanics.

I wish every area of space had something that it was the best for and then they added appropriate risk to balance the reward. The following is an example and in no way balanced or fair.

Null: best mining, best moon goo average ratting, worst missions

WH: only place you can get components for T3, average mining, average moon goo

Low: best ratting, only place pirate BPCs drop, poor mining, best missions, average moon goo

Highsec: add some new resource only found here (make it risky to collect, ie you must go suspect to collect it), worst ratting, worst mining, average missions, worst moon goo

These are just some examples to get my point across, but all space should be good for something and getting people out in space is what drives conflict.


I’m curious, what’s so wrong with LS being the pirate infested space where Empires claim sov but don’t really enforce it, as a transition between HS and sov Null?

If you are saying it is garbage just because it has none of the perks, well, it looks like CCP want to give it a different set of perks to heighten the “pirates/renegades live here” and high risk/rewards. Having events, which use mostly use pirates or entities hostile to the empires, be based on the fringe of empire space seems to make sense. That is where they would be nibbling at the weak spots of empire space. Pirate presence (be it rats or events) shouldn’t be as high in HS, since empires would fight them, nor in NS, where players are fighting them.

That way, each space would have something:
HS: Empire controlled, "safe"
LS: Empire not-really controlled, NPC/Player pirate infested.
pirate-NS: NPC pirate claimed, really not safe (in fact, this could/should be rolled into LS too, or be places where NPC pirate presence should be oppressive with NPC hunting packs and mining ops like the with the upcoming FOB)
sov-NS: Player controlled, safety is driven by players and also the place for player wars.

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Lowseccers will disagree. Wtf is wrong with you, that’s even below your usual standards!

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I would join faction warfare in a heartbeat if there wasn’t all this ■■■■■■■■ with the standings being hit. Access to all of highsec is to bloody precious to me atm to wreck my standings over. Not just on my main but on all five of my characters. I’d rather go to null or WH space and have a bit of fun pew pew.

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People go to null for the pve tho not wars.

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The rewards don’t really matter. What matters is that your rewards and expensive tools to reap these meager rewards can go down in flames in a matter of minutes, and then you have lost a lot more than the meager rewards that you maybe have accumulated over the last weeks … or you lost your reward reaping tool at the first try and are now broke.

Unless the rewards can very quickly recover the cost you invest into obtaining the tools that enable you to reap them, no reward or enticing will bring more people into low sec in a sustainable way. At least not unless they are or become part of an bigger organized group that cannot just get steamrolled from one moment to another. An example for that is the big Russian Low Sec Incursion group or the L5 mission runners.

Low Sec DEDs are worth more than NS ones for the most part, I think the only exemption is the Angel NS sites because of the Gist Booster. 4-6/10 drop Invuls and EANM not to mention they are for the most part much easier and faster to run (excluding Serp 6/10 that’s a bitch).

High sec is where people grow. Null sec is where they live, build, make ISK. Low sec is where they come to PvP and spend made ISK. Without waiting hours for blob fleet to form, without hours of roaming in empty space of WH or null space…
What is wrong with that scheeme, so you want to bring more PvE into Low? Running out of targets because all you are brave enough to fight is PvE fitted ratter? Pathetic.
Low sec does not need more PvE attraction. It needs more PvP attraction. Like faction warfare. Unique PvP ground with at least some form of match making (can not get with T3C or T3D into small or novice plex, for example). We need more content-serving stuff like that in low sec. Not some “give me more soft PvE targets I can fix my wounded ego on”. Join CODE if you that kind of girl, seriously.


Nobody sane or with backup plan will run lowsec events in PvE fits … the point is to make those events accessible for PvP fits.

BTW, your static view of sec spaces is part of the problem EvE has atm.

A good mmo needs a balance of player types. Killers, Achievers, Socializers, Explorers. As is the system leads to a natural segregation of playstyles which is bad for the game. Lowsec has been garbage since the beginning, and saying it is a pvp theme park doesn’t excuwe that. Risk and reward need to be balanced. Lowsec risk reward has always been off. The idea that people go there to spend isk is laughable. Do you know how many bears go to low on a regular basis outside of hotspots and pipes? It’s way more than you’d think. I have spoken to many new players through spy alts, offering guidance, and ganking them. They don’t want to pvp, but many bears do crave higher risk reward content.

You want an example? Look at how many exclusively pve players make nullsec dives in exploration ships. There are middle ground players who don’t seek pvp but DO seek risk. As is, it’s not well supported. I’ve been revisiting a lot of the structure since I returned, and lowsec has always bothered me. I spend a ton of time there, but it remains im this weird niche. I constantly see miners and bears come out to low, but they never stay.

How about we change that?