Make Lowsec Great Again

Since highsec PvP is dead and nullsec is basically highsec with super blobs instead of CONCORD - here’s some ideas to get people out in space in lowsec again

  • Increase the number of clone soldier tags required to raise security status, thus raising the value of these tags and giving people more incentive to be in lowsec asteroid belts. Buff bounties to 4-5M for these rats - they’re rare enough that this change won’t noticeably affect the economy against a backdrop of boson and super ratting in alliance null but making them more worth hunting especially in .4 and .3 systems will give people more reason to venture out of highsec to do so.

  • Remove 6/10 DED sites from nullsec both as scannable sigs and escalations. Make these sites and the A-type mods they drop the province of lowsec only. Prices will rise when smartbomb farming escalations in blue donut null goes away. More reason for people to be in lowsec in shiny cruisers is a good thing.

  • Remove Mordus BPCs from nullsec LP store. Increase spawnrate of Mordus rats in low to compensate, IF NECESSARY - or make them a possible drop from besieged site rats.

  • Make 5/10s and their escalations spawn in lowsec only.

  • Hit Rorquals with the nerf bat, over and over again, until they stop twitching. This has been said a million times by a million people and isn’t really my primary concern; but come on, how stupid is it that there’s no reason to do anything else for ISK than afk rorq mine in blue null?

I know none of these things will ever happen, but a man can dream.


M8, not only low sec… the whole game has became one big afk grinding machine, timers online.
I still have a bit of hope but till then…
6.5 years of subscription (paid), and I’m done this July!

Lowsec is the healthiest part of the game, it doesnt need more pve


More PVE means more things you can catch. Sounds good to me. Better than these useless camps in Tama oder Akidagi.

That’s the only thing I agree with. 1 Rorqual around 1,000 kilometers around an asteroid or ice cluster.

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Agree with some of it, but buffing lowsec on the cost of NPC 0.0. regions is not nice :wink: It’s not like Syndicate, Stain, Curse, etc. are in a better shape than lowsec, you know…

Please distinguish between sov 0.0 and NPC 0.0, there is a big difference.

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If this was true lowsec would already be filled with people who go there for the PvE. Many, many years have passed with CCP trying to get people to farm in low and it never really worked out. You should know this, you’re old enough.

They’re not staying away because of lacking incentive, but because of their risk-aversion.

So give people who want to live there more things to earn their living so that they don’t have to have renter alts in null sec, for instance.

This is an assumption. I’d counter by saying there’s not really much incentive for farming in lowsec. Players are always making the risk/reward calculation and right now lowsec is heavily weighted on the risk side. The point of my post is that there are things that could be done to adjust that equation.

Outside of lvl 4 FW missions which require high FW standings, multiple characters and a good bit of research to farm efficiently, there is really not any highly rewarding PvE content in lowsec. DED sites are probably the best, but those are heavily devalued by the fact that their best drops (all 6/10 loot and faction cruiser BPCs) being nullsec farmable. Hence the 60M ISK Ashimmu (thanks Delve!). Mordus rats were also a good and interesting addition that is once again devalued by those BPCs also being nullsec farmable. If those things became lowsec-only resources, the prices would rise and the risk/reward equation would start to look far more favorable, leading to more ships out in space in lowsec and thus more content.

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  • Give all vessels a point to point system to system “slipspace” capability and remove this fatal funnel BS of gates. It’s crap gameplay. Make combat probing great.
  • make all resources finite: belts, moons, missions, rats… such that a system can be completely cleaned out and would need to be left alone for a while. Does not anybody in the “hurrr durrr HTFU this is PVP game” crowd ever realize that sparsity limited resources are the BIGGEST drivers of conflict? There is no way they can miss that, even while they are posting their crap. They are doing it on purpose. Gaslighting trained to level 5 probably.

Do those two things and the game becomes the bubbling cauldron of PVP that everybody likes to pretend it is.


Ah that old argument.

It doesn’t seem that you really understood my post. People go to nullsec to farm, because nullsec is safer than highsec and lowsec. People don’t go to lowsec, because it’s not safe for them to farm. There is no amount of ISK you can throw at them that’ll convince them to farm in lowsec.

The problem isn’t the potential gain, but the potential loss.

No, it isn’t. Don’t treat me like I don’t know what I am talking about, because I do. It’s historically accurate and factual. CCP tried and failed. Several times. There is no amount of money that gets cowards (in the sense that they’re scared of playing something risky in a video game) to risk their imaginary stuff.

The problem isn’t the potential gain, but the potential loss.

That’s why the heavy-duty-farmers go to null, because nullsec space is super safe for farmers who are part of a big alliance.

You guys need to think about this outside of your greedy nature.


There are also level 5 missions in lowsec, I had a corp mate in Tactially Challenged who did level 5’s in lowsec rather than nullsec ratting as it was more profitable, though as it was Au TZ the hunters were less numerous.

It is not so much risk averse or lack of profitable content, but more to do that during the peek times and even the Au TZ there is normally always someone hunting, so you end up having a very disturbed crabbing session.

Part of the fun of this game is of course avoiding these people and killing them, however if you are dealing with entities like Snuffed Out who can drop a serious amount of hammer on you, then just avoiding gets a bit boring.

I have ninja mined and did a certain amount of PI in lowsec and in my initial period in Eve I was belt ratting in lowsec to develop my tactics and strategies to operate in NPC null. I have recently looked at doing some content in lowsec, I placed a scout in the area I was interested in and it was just too damn busy with people desperate to find something to kill, and that included people like Snuffed Out who as I said above can really drop a very nasty hammer. If I want shite like that I will do it in nullsec…


The number one fix for low is to remove caps.


It won’t work. I used to travel into LS for escalations and sites but not anymore after recon changes. Sites requires good hulls to complete fast but I standed no chance with lachesis or curse jumped on top of me. Asymetrical fights. Not worth the time.

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I live in low sec currently.
there are the same people who try to scan me down when doing missions, and I just warp out and dock untill they leave.

Aperently they are still finding pvp content, because they are always there in 0.4, 0.3, and 0.2. Same people, same tactics.

  • lol increase tag drop, you sell them on the market, if more people went tag hunting for the market, the prices would eventually drop as supply outweight demand, than youll have another gripe.

*4-5m is way to much in bounties for a couple of cruisers and frigates, i mean if you go into they 0.1 you might bc and bs, but they are weaker than whats out in null and wont be bounty buffed unles you plan to make them stronger…turn them burner rats or fob rats? and than no one will do them again

  • removing 6/10s in null wont do anything because theyll be plenty of sites that have been upgraded with all of the ihub upgrades.

  • nerfing the mordu LP store to move the BPCs to belts wont mean anything, instead of mission runners rolling out of the stations, an entire group will take up that section of space just to farm drops and sell, thereby ruling out any small solo pilots going to farm.

  • most of the 5/10 escalations i get are all in low sec anyways, ive 1 of 40 ive gotten so far in empire. people that dont want to go to low sec wont.

  • Yes hit the Rorqs because they outmine anything you can do in empire, not. since the moon mining change the nullempires have had to go from afk making fortunes to getting every miner they can get their hands on in a Capital Mining ship for the most ore output as possible to power their industry. Those Rorqs could come and mine to low sec but WHY would they want to? null ore is better in belts and moons and its safer because 1. the alliances have set up intel and defense network and 2. its alot more remote and hard for someone to go 10-20 jumps out of their way than to go a couple of jumps from empire to kill and dodge back into empire the second guns get pointed at them.

Why don’t you come up with a real solution that’s like a low sec alliance that does more than just pvp and camp gates.


You know how confusing this is, when the first part of the sentence talks about lvl5s in highsec?

You can’t generalize your example onto everyone who doesn’t dare going there for crabbing, which is the majority of people. If it wasn’t, more of them would be there. Your example actually further underlines that it is in fact risk averseness, because …

… of this. Yes, it can make for a potentially very disturbed crabbing session for some who play during more dangerous timezones. Also for some who are unable to find more empty constellations, which absolutely exist. I admit I have to check up on lvl5 agent placement in lowsec, because I don’t know them off the top of my head (haha, how would I :D), but I think it’s fair to assume that there’s plenty enough.

The “disturbed” crabbing session is part of the design. I’ve lived in thelan, near Hek, for quite a long time. Was more or less friends with the people of Knights of the Posing Meat. On roams I was their scout in a combat probing, tracking disrupting, pointing, high speed stiletto … all at the same time … almost. : - ) And we didn’t have those fancy CPU rigs back then!

On some days I had the system all for myself. I never cared about people passing by, because most never cared about me either. I remember me and Packo (sp?) once caught a mission runner there too. The rest is mostly fading memory.

I remember a few crabbers down there as well. Lowsec residents, who do not wish to fight others (or lack the means), but want to mine and do whatever space offers. They rather evade, which is perfectly fine, because evading isn’t whining.

The thing about doing missions in lowsec is that there’s plenty of mostly empty systems, or mostly empty systems usually filled with some people who really also do not want to fight others, yet want to live there for the dangers. Those are people who love dealing with the occasional local spike and pirates entering and hunting him. That guy wasn’t risk averse, but he was smart enough not getting his ass killed every day. He was a miner who ran some static site for loot.

People who don’t play in lowsec, because there’s others who might shoot them, are risk averse. That friend of yours most likely simply was risk averse. If the local community (which I assume existed, otherwise he’d be afraid of roamers, which is pointless) had known him and accepted him, he would have easily managed to run missions there. That’s how this works. If he doesn’t want to be social, then he’s playing the wrong game.

People who don’t play in lowsec, because they might need to positively interact with others, are asocial and not really good to have around anyway. Knowing people in lowsec is pretty much key if you want to stay around, and when you don’t go there and stay there, you’ll never get to know them.

Sometimes you make me think you hang out with a lot of bad people who only ever play for the stupidity of having their wallet number increase.

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I meant to say lowsec, thanks for the heads up, a bit further on there is mention of lowsec that indicates that is what I meant.

I was replying to the OP in terms of his focus on PvE, I say this as someone who was recently operating in Catch which is a very active region in nullsec.

Again you are missing the point, the OP talked about PvE improvements and I made it clear that it is not going to make much of a difference because for crabbing you need to have time to make it effective and people who are after income generation will not be so keen on the extra danger of lowsec due to the interruptions. In other words the interruptions there are such that lowsec will not appeal to them.

By the way I am looking for those less active areas, but so far all I see is Snuffed Out alts sniffing around, its getting on my nerves.

ISK is a means to an end, it is a resource, yes it can be used to measure your success in some ways, just like a killboard which also has issues, but that hardly matters.

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Your post, I’m sorry but it is complete garbage. This is how it is.

If you want Frigate/Destroyer fights in solo/small gang - You head to low sec
If you want full on smack fest fleet fights, you go to null.

This game is what you make it. It is that simple.

We went to low sec again last night, plenty of fights, plenty of action.

Less whining, more time spent ingame, low sec is fine the way it is

If you want combat, recruit, light the map up and people will come

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