Remove LowSec NPC mining fleets

Spurred by a new player on Discord saying “I’m trying to complete the AIR Program and it needs me to mine 4000 units of Kernite, but when I go to lowsec belts there’s nothing there!” Personally I am not interested in mining, but that doesn’t mean I want LowSec to be a desolate wasteland whose entire population is comprised of people actively looking for a fight.

Do they even serve a purpose anymore? Is LowSec really going to be overrun with player mining fleets?

‘Everyone’ wants players to move out of HighSec, “Risk-Reward!” “Player interaction!”, but where’s the reward? Risk is there, scout out a dozen systems trying to find a belt that hasn’t already been eaten by npc fleets only to run into a gatecamp. BUt if all a player sees is empty belt after empty belt, why would they take that risk?

Just remove the NPC miners from LowSec, make it at least possible to suggest a lowsec move to a new player.



Low sec NPC mining fleets provide NPC combat content.

I will not go to Low but only to rat once in a while, when players logged in is like under 15k and in an empty system.
I keep reading about Low Sec and Null Sec and I understand those areas as No Man’s lands for a player like me.
It’s scary. One moment you’re jumping and the next your ship won’t respond while it’s being destroyed? Or you’re mining or ratting, minding your own business and all of a sudden ten angry, hungry guys jump your ship out of no where…? Andd there’s no CONCORD? Scary stuff. :fearful:

No thank you. Hisec is my home, I don’t see any good reason to leave it.
Risk vs Reward? Not for me. Playing in Hisec is exciting and rewarding enough for me.

I’m willing to interact with anyone in Hisec.

New players should be doing their career agents, one of the industrial agents last mission has 2.5 venture loads of kernite in it.

Oh GM’s have told me it is not against the rulz(exploit) to run Air rewards, biomass, and create a new character and repeat…the main on the account can claim all the rewards in the redeem bit, simply contract everything else to the main, ships, assets, ISK…

If done right(every 2 days and 10hrs) you can amass 540 Million Liquid ISK(minimum) and enough SP to fill 15 injectors per month doing this for the moment non-exploit thing. oh and dont foget to mine the kernite each time.

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Wut. Low is safer than HS.

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If you say it then it must be false.

Low sec is a hell of a lot safer than high. You just have to pay attention.

Yes, I’m a pirate, but I also mine, run level 4 missions, run combat anomalies, data/relic sites, pop abyssal filaments all in low.

Low sec people are less toxic, and more chill than then the average high sec carebear. They don’t take the game as seriously.

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Maybe I’ll rat there more than once in a while then. I don’t know who the hisec carebears are… I could be one I don’t know, but when I look at the destruction graph Null and Low lead in ship destroyed so the numbers speak for themselves, they’re both scary places to fly without a group.
Not only that but I don’t plan to play as regularly as it would take to call me anything but a disinterested casual player. I don’t care about rhe lore, the factions or the ships themselves. I just play to blow up NPCs or get curious about a monument or Wormhole - which I will explore just to see what the big deal is - but I certainly do not have dreams of being FC or making trillions of isk to sub 10 accounts… that sounds like too much work.
But I like the game in general and I can blow up things once in a while. Yesterday I blew up The Wolf’s base - I think that was that pirate’s name - I loved the fireworks. The conflagrations of the sentries were epic. Hat’s off to the devs.

I fly solo in low (and everywhere else for that matter) I can’t be aresed to manage more than one account.

You seem to have a deep misconception about lowsec, based on fear. Which colors alls the info you gather about it.

Look, it’s risky. But if you take the time to learn how to actively d-scan, set up safe spots and pay attention (instead of watching Netflix) it’s really not that bad.

And like I said, everyone there, including the pirates, expect to loose their ship as well. So when a going down gets done, we all high five (winners and loosers) and chat it up.

My experience is when a going down gets done in high sec, it’s salty toxic death wishes. High really is a nasty place. And it breed’s complacency. That’s why it’s easier to gank someone in high because they aren’t paying attention.

Not quite sure if it’s based on fear or on the numbers that can be read each month on the MER. “Trillions” of isk of property destroyed in Low, *gazillions" lost in Null, and they say space is “empty”. I wonder where all that destruction comes from then. Missions? I don’t know.
I do know this: I don’t take a break from real life to be forced to have to look over my shoulder throughout the whole 2 or 3 hours playthrough. I have high blood pressure, it’s genetic, we have hot explosive blood in my family, we’re all naturally high-strung and can’t be stressed over long periods of time, it’s bad for my health. Maybe it’s appealing to some but personally I’d rather do missions and ratting. At least that feels like I have some control over the outcome even if I may lose a ship or two due to miscalculations and inexperience.

Sounds like too much work to me to be entertaining. Also, FYI, I’ve never had an account with Netflix or Disney+ or whatever channel is currently pissing off fans and purists alike and I don’t AFK while mining cause I don’t mine. Just missions and ratting.

You’ll never know unless you try.

If you ever want to, hit me up. I can show you the ropes.

Plus the skills that you learn in low, will prevent you from getting ganked by SAFTEY. In high sec.

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Thank you for the kind offer. I’m going to put you in my contacts and see what we can work out, I don’t want you to waste your time either.

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None of this is EVE’s fault. It just sounds like EVE isn’t the game for you :smiley:

Stardew Valley sounds bout right :smiley:

Maybe, maybe not, but here’s the thing: A hisec miner gets tired of mining Veldspar for ~500k/ventureload and thinks ‘hey maybe I can find a quiet lowsec system and mine kernite for ~4M/ventureload!’ but when they get to LS, there’s nothing to mine because it’s all been hoovered up by NPC miners.

If you (or anyone else) is happy doing your thing in HS, more power to you, do what you enjoy. But if someone decides that the ‘LowSec mining risk calculation’ stacks up for them, I’d like to be sure that the reward calculation stacks up too.

Bear in mind that Null fights are about control of territory, the same being true in the Factional Warfare constellations in LowSec. There’s squillions of ISK on the line, losing a few million (individually) or even billion (collectively) ISK to secure your (or your corp/militia/alliance’s) piece of that pie is vastly different to losing a ship while solo missioning (as an example)

In FW, not having a huge amount of time to play last night, I made around 60Misk worth of LP at the cost of a single frigate destroyed. By mucking around in Lowsec for a few hours, I easily made enough ISK to replace my ship 10 times over. Risk-Reward.

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You wouldn’t be.

I wouldn’t make an offer if I thought it would be a waste of time.


Thanks. Yes, I’m sure I’d like to play EVE and I hope I don’t need to be over 5 foot to get on this ride :smile:

I don’t mine. I said it before several times that I don’t mine.

I simply just don’t mine. I can’t sit there doing nothing for an hour.

You’ll definitely want to take Ax’l up on their generous offer.

You’ll be much happier killing battleship rats with 150+% BRM and getting the occasional Clone Soldier spawn. If you can get the rare Mordu Legion spawn even better.


I am. Just not sure if my skills are up to par with his kind of play so I don’t know if I should first skill up a bit more before I take that up but I am definitely taking him up on it.

That’s great. Thanks :grinning: