Remove LowSec NPC mining fleets

A lot of the ratting can be done in a T2 frigate or T1 destroyer or T1 cruiser. While not immediately accessible to new capsuleers, the skill requirements are nontheless relatively realistically attainable. I wouldn’t get discouraged nor hung up on “hard skill” (what you see on the skill sheet) requirements. That’ll be addressed in time. Most of it is building the confidence of your “soft skills” (what you know in your head) and understanding how to pilot a particular ship for a particular purpose, building situational awareness in lowsec, and being able to utilize all your tools at your disposal to stay alive – even if it means fleeing.

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I’m ratting in a destroyer right now. I used the free sp to train up frigate and directly jumped into a Catalyst. I’ve only just now finished the Enforcer agent. I don’t want to zip through the missions without understanding what all I’m involved in. There’s a lot of information to sift through and I’m also finding a lot of mechanics restritive but not sure if the restraints are on the technology or imposed by the devs.

That’s a whole program alright, lol.

The skills I would show you are skills that a one day old player can do.

Most of them are how to gather situational intel quickly and utilize it to make informed decisions.

If you want to go into pvp, I would only stick to T1 frigates (because honestly they are the best for pvp!) and teaching you literally the Rock Paper Scissors game of pvp.

I know it’s scary. The first time I did pvp, I was shaking like a leaf, and I lost. But the dude that beat me was so kind and we talked for like an hour. He gave me such good advice. And still to this day, I get the shakes. But honestly, the non pvp skills will serve you well in all areas of the the game and all space sectors. Because tbh, SAFTEY. Doesn’t just go after miners. They hit mission runners as well. So learning how to be aware will serve you well.

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