Low Sec's thing

Null has the anomalies and ore, high sec has burners and afk mining, how about we make low sec the pinnacle of mission LP?

Low sec has a bunch of dead space because it has a much greater risk than high and not enough reward to warrant being there. Other than fw space you can usually bet on doing ten jumps and seeing less than five people in total, usually docked.

Pirates(npc) come from Null and invade high sec so lore wise the inbetween would be the popular kind of preventative mission priority. I think it should pay the highest by double or triple.

If low sec missions are accepted the beacon should show up on everyone’s overview just like a faction warfare mission. I believe this would bring people to those dead systems and encourage pvp and conflict as well as create a reason to choose low sec over something else.

You may think this will drive LP prices down but remember that the people who run these missions won’t be doing so in safety unless watching each others backs. I believe it won’t be easy to run these back to back for long without being destroyed, but also the reward will be worth being destroyed every now and then. This is the kind of eve I miss.

The beacons will spawn as the mission is accepted. This will allow pirates to warp there before the runner arrives, or even steal their mission objective and all sorts of other pvps. It may even become meta to fly these in pvp ships and consider an invading player ‘bonus loot’ for the thrill seekers. Cap injecting mission ships with a point would likely become a thing in this situation.

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You want ppl doing missions in ls again you are going to have to remove hs incursions

High sec doesn’t have afk mining. That’s null that has that. High sec ore doesn’t last long enough.
Also ignore salt about hs incursions. they dont actually pay that much on a sustained basis. All the big numbers are a perfect hour. Not the long term including fleets needing downtime, travel between focused and such time.

Not to say low sec doesn’t need its thing that’s good. Currently null wins at everything pretty much which is bad for the game

Okay but like what about my idea

I dont think your idea is particularly well formed.
It’s trying to shove something into low sec rather than working out what low sec is, what content works well there already and how to make more of it.

Well I know isk potential draws people to places and pvp follows. Low sec has no Concord and burner frigates don’t instant align. This means more pew and less dead systems.

Explain what you mean by not well formed. Low sec mission running used to be a thing and still is a bit with fw missions and level 5s.

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You have this vague idea but it’s not an idea based on evidence that a particular type of content works well in low sec.

Personally I believe one of the best low sec draws was the capital assembly arrays.
If CCP gave low sec structures the best manufacturing and science bonuses a lot of groups would run things there. These things then need shipping to either high or null also.
This makes for an ecosystem of industrial feeding structures and then the natural protection around each.
Sure null groups will try and claim areas as their own as a result but low is far harder to claim and even if they manage, that’s life in an area of low.

I’m trying to make it a thing everyone can do not only capital construction enthusiasts or blob coalitions. Simple and straightforward bring your battleship run some missions easy in easy out. Lose a ship good that’s content and you probably replaced it already.

There already are valuable missions in lowsec that you could use a battleship for.
The thing is the risk is such that you cant reasonably control it. So people dont.

Also industry is hardly something only blob enthusiasts can do.

You’re missing the point level 5s require pimp and research and sp. Fw can be done in nano cancer. Industry is passive and other than defending your citadel won’t bring any pew.

Level 4s do not require sp they can be done alone for a day trip and are new player friendly. There’s no point in doing them in low atm.

The point is to make life exist in vacant low not have a bunch of alts producing offline.

Material has to flow in significant quantity for significant industry.
Also if people are producing there is more point to local mining.

All this builds people in space.
Putting a few missions in won’t really build that.
As low sec already is the pinnacle of most of the empire lp stores.

People will import everything via jump freighter or during certain dead times of the day. I don’t call one freighter a day sufficient. People don’t mine in low and never will. The isk/hr is never worth the risk unless you have ten alts, a capital umbrella or you’re an absolute noob.

Regardless, I would be in favor of adding your views because anything is good, any people more than current is good in any way. So why not both?

I would love to do jumps and see things on d-scan that aren’t at a fw plex or citadel or a gnosis on a gate. People actually doing things undocked in ships that aren’t frigates or destroyers, ships that aren’t an Ark and his cyno on a station or some cancer t3d doing a fw mission with instant alignment.

I get the feeling you’re disagreeing with me just because you want something else more and not because this wouldn’t draw people into low. Just because it isn’t something you’d do doesn’t mean people wouldn’t be doing it.

It doesn’t require isk, time or sp investment of much note. It’s close by to any system you might be in outside of deep null and it can be done whether or not you have buddies. Either doing the missions or trying to find people doing them. I would bet my character on it that people would do this.

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Join factions, get tons of LP in low sec, delete thread.

Fw is broken and you know this. The idea wouldn’t require joining some preset team or Corp wait timers.

Point is low sec that’s not fw being occupied.

Trying to make eve great again.

It is all what you expect, I login my faction char, do small plexes with frigates, get lots of fights mostly 1v1, and LP too boot.

For me, that works.

Yeah for frigs. I’m trying to make it more diverse than tiny ships with this idea. And more interesting than consensual war pvp.

But your idea doesn’t do that, grinding missions is BORING.

I don’t think you’ve followed mining since moon mining changed.

HS mining on a HS moon belt when you aren’t wardecced is pretty risk free and the rocks are big enough to require minimal maintenance.

not only have capitals become the bane of what low is supposed to be but if null blocs can they will take over low if you let them.

low is supposed to be the bridging point between high and null in terms of pvp. in low your allowed to strap up solo or with a small gang and go chase other loners/small gangs to get into fights with. just the fact that one or two capitals being used liberally pretty much steepens the learning curve to having to organize an entire fleet to kill one of them instead of trying to learn group coordination or how to solo fit a ship. you might be able to learn that from mentioned null blocs but that dependency is going to cause a lack in the ability to shake up corporation and alliance metas.

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This also isn’t quite accurate since moon belts were added. There are some awesome moons in lowsec and they do get mined.

It kind of feels like many people haven’t really picked up what mining is now. It’s different than it was a year ago. ABC ores are available in HS at moons. Many lowsec moons have better quality moon materials than null-sec. In Nullsec, mining in ore anomalies is only something you do if no moon belts are available. Granted… if you are running a fleet of rorquals 24/7 you’ll clear out the moons quickly. But active moon mining has changed the dynamics between HS/LS/NS significantly when it comes to mining.