CCP Lets get serious sort low sec and NPC Null

As a long term vet and I hear this a lot from fellow players eve is becoming stagnated. The nullsec landscape is dominated by wealth and capital fleets. Gone are good old sub cap fleets, roaming fleets etc No one wants to fight unless they can win, or who has the biggest capital fleet on standby.

The number of titans and supers in game is incredible, we are seeing the the consequence of that. Fine CCP if thats how you want nullsec sov to become but then lets bring back the good old pvp corps and alliances that just want to have real fights like we used to.

CCP have massively upgraded null sov with stupid wealth but haven’t really don’t anything with low sec and npc null

We need to overhaul low sec and npc null as a priority.

Question : What benefit is there to anyone to live in low sec or npc null?
Answer : Absolutely nothing

Making ISK to really benefit a growing pvp corp is pretty much non existent. No one wants to mine, anomalies are just pretty worthless, and FW is a bit of a mess, is restrictive and well not everyone wants to do it anyway.

NPC nullsec is no better than low sec. Its completely rubbish. There are pirate missions, but are usually just in one constellation so its whoever is the bigger alliances (usually large sov alliances taking this as well). Plus pirate missions just screw your faction standings too.

There is simply no reason or point to living in any of these areas.

What do I suggest

NPC Null :

Allow anyone to upgrade a system and drop a IHUB where only PVE Upgrades can be made (Pirate Detection etc`) . Let them live and thrive there and build something, in turn should generate much more content, and there is something to fight over, and generate ISK making options. Why should only Sov Null have this.

Make Pirate missions agents available everywhere from lvl 1-4

Other wise what is the value of living in NPC Null. There simply is no reason to.

Low Sec :slight_smile:

Honestly I have never understood the reason for low sec apart from piracy and gate camps. Its a completely useless area with zero value to live in. Missions are no better than high sec, ores are really no better, you might as well go to live in nullsec. We really need to see a reason why one should move from high sec to low sec and the benefit of doing that. Low sec just seems to be this frig war battlefield : boring…

FW needs a huge overhaul
Add more valuable ores into low sec regions (ABCs)
Add more anomalies
Give me a reason to live there and thrive!

We need a massive update and soon

L4 and L5 missions are really good money makers with the low sec reward bonuses, and they are harder to impossible to interfere with because someone can’t just warp to them.

I kindly disagree. Curse, Stain, Syndicate have lots of places where you can run missions and are being left to yourself. Living there is rather pleasant because you don’t need to bother with the sov null sec politics. Income is also comparable to carrier ratting, depending on what you do and how you do it.

That is the most retarded thing I have ever read. NPC null sec is about missions for the local pirates, not against them. The point of NPC null sec is that you can run missions in relative peace because people need to combat probe you before they can engage you. Other than that: Anomalies there have the same issue as anomalies in low sec: You cannot run them because you cannot control who comes into your area and the traffic of neutrals is considerably higher than in sov null sec. Advocating for anomalies in NPC null sec does not help NPC null sec, it turns it just into the same cancer wasteland that sov null sec is and adds nothing positive whatsoever for NPC null sec. So, good job: With your suggestion you would ruin NPC null sec more than it already is and you would introduce all the cancer from Sov null sec.

We all know how well that works in Sov Null sec. Yes, all the enjoyable fights over sov and all the positive feedback about sov. Yes, totally fine gameplay.

That is what incompetent people say. From NPC null sec you can finance your living and no one can interfere with your ISK making and you have a base of operations that no one can take from you. Yes, they can camp you in the stations, but that’S nothing an insta undock an a nullified ship cannot overcome.
What you want is make the ISK generation in NPC null sec susceptible to the massively cancerous mechanics of sov null sec and enable sov null sec holders to interfere and impede NPC null sec citizens from engaging you.

None of your suggestions make NPC null sec any better and improve nothing about them. All of your suggestions make NPC null sec a worse place than it currently is.

Missions in low sec offer better rewards than in high sec. Ores are better, but the massively overpowered Rorqs and structures in sov null sec have devalued the price of the minerals. Turning more things into sov null sec like mechanics fixes nothing, it only makes everything worse and worse.

If you want to Have proper conversation about the subject that’s perfectly fine we all don’t agree on things but personal attacks and being called retarded is not acceptable go take your trashy mouth elsewhere… oh reported…

However given youre comments I must question your experience in any of these areas.
Why do level 4s when you can do them risk free in high sec. No normal person does level 5 missions especially solo. If you do them in a passive regen ship its takes ages, if you do them in a carrier its too much risk, and no one needs to warp straight to them, a simple combat scan will find you easily. The risk vs reward isn’t worth it. Plus level 5 missions are usually in populated areas and they are only in certain areas too.

Fine if your going to spread them out more. much more…

You haven’t read my post about the pirate missions have you. So ill not comment on that

I still stand by the upgrade options, i think its a good idea sorry if you don’t. People have SOV Null because they want that sov badge nothing more. Thats really the only difference between sov and npc…

What i want is better content better isk making opportunities in what is still NULL. More spread out pirate missions and not stuck in one constellation, i want to see more roaming gangs in both low and null. i want to see pvp roaming gangs like in the past disrupting null sov much much more than before, but that doesn’t happen without ability to make decent ISK and have a place to live especially for up and coming alliances and corps.

Im sorry you don’t agree with some of my suggestions but i stand by them

You get pirate LP and more officers so be happy

I run l5 … and i know a ■■■■ ton of ppl with faction puller and l5 chars xD

Your problem is the playerbase. CCP gave them rorquals and super ratting. Thats the real problem of eve. And the fact that supers reign over everything. If you have the biggest super and titan fleet then you have won the game

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You question my experience while asking this question? Seriously? If you want to live in low sec and earn your living there, you do not run the missions in high sec. You do that in your local area to generate activity that you can engage with to have PVP. You generate activity by being in space in your local low sec home and do things there instead of just using your high sec alt to farm ISK. If you have a firm grasp on your local area, you can farm a lot more ISK with minimal risk in your low sec home than you can in high sec.

Speaking from personal experience as an old resident of Outer Ring, Syndicate and Curse (and Stain), the content and activity comes as soon as you create activity in your home area. People start to see more jumps, more NPC kills, more people in space and start to roam into your system(s), start to engage you and create fights. This has been the case in Outer Ring, where I started as noob, 2 times in Syndicate (back in the days with my old alliance’s moon empire and a PVP centric alliance before that), in Curse with moons and our mission farming (and Stain with camps, missions and moons). Every time I was there, I had no shortage of enjoyable, fun and engaging activity. My Killboard from 2013 till 2016 is testament to that. Never again have I had as much fun being in EVE as in those years.

And you want people to use sov null ihubs for anoms and missions when even a mission with a gate and no cynos is too dangerous for you?

I commented multiple times on your NPC null sec stuff, including the missions there. The gist of your incoherent rambling was that you want to ruin the perfect isk making machine of NPC null sec and open it up to screwing and interfering via sov null sec mechanics. You also demonstrated that you have no clue about NPC null sec regions or how you use them with alts in your local home area. I also extensively explained to you the advantages of NPC null sec as home and launch platform for attacks and raids on sov null sec.

And NPC null sec is an option for people who do not want to be in sov null sec and instead just have fun in Null sec. You want to take that away from them and turn NPC null sec into a worthless crap show.

Yes, because there are so many roaming gangs in sov null sec. Last I heard, most of these regions are dead. You want to see more interruption of sov null sec? Then why do you want to take away the uninterruptible ISK generation methods from NPC null sec people? You make no sense whatsoever and contradict yourself in almost every sentence.

And you want to make it even harder for those groups to start something by making it possible for sov null blocks to take that away from them. You have no clue whatsoever what you are talking about. All your ideas especially in regard to NPC null sec are nothing but terrible … and henceforth will very likely be implemented by CCP because they are just as competent at introducing content generators as you are at understanding the immense treasure that pirate missions are.

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