Low sec is ready for some danger as null sec tries to run from it

It’s pretty obvious ( edit: maybe not so obvious seems we only see the ones that cry the loudest on forums) by now that huge block null sec residence don’t want change, they don’t want a challenge and they don’t want a die hard universe that gets in the way of their farm.

Solution Give us Low Secors the danger remove our local, remove our gate guns and station gun’s give us the mad npc’s with crazy environmental effects that we need to adapt to with some juicy rewards in return, we love change we love danger and o Boy we love a Great fight :D.

In exchange please remove the ability for Titan’s/Super’s to enter low sec, let them be built in null and stay in null, low is better with more sub cap battle’s and a few carrier’s dread’s as an extra that need’s subcap support.

After realizing what nullsec is about from this black out I feel like never stepping foot in it again, killing afk ratters is boring and having people dock up when you come for a fight is equally as boring, I ask all the residence of New Eden to come to low sec for roams, let it be the place of great battles and skirmishes let it be our paradise of destruction let it be the grave for our Viking soul’s.


I suspect you are a Null Sec’er in Low Sec’ers clothing.
Just saying.

But I do agree with you.

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Na mate, I’m in gallente fw staging from low, used to live in Syndicate for a few years thou awhile back.


Low sec having local sets it apart from Null sec in a manner. Low sec also doesn’t need anything making it look more dead.

Blackrise is pretty lively atm had some really great fights over the last 3 months, but I can understand your point, maybe constellation chat instead of local will be more handy then, as it would have quite a bit of people in and would provide less intel than local can.

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I liked in Low for several years until a few years ago. It wasn’t too bad.

Has it got worse?

I’m a long time resident of null sec, that’s NPC null sec to be exact. NPC null sec and the residents within it have an entirely different paradigm than SOV null sec residents aka renters/botters. Honestly I have not heard anyone in my circle admittedly limited circle of friends complain about the lack of local, we are for the most part fine with it.
The primary burr under the seat cushion is that all statistical data within the map still shows activities such as number of pilots in space and more, creating an imbalanced, virtual ducks in a barrel scenario that provides one-way intel to the roamers. I have very little experience with wormhole living, perhaps someone could enlighten me…does the map show wormholes and how many pilots are in them? If it does then please disregard my previous observations, but if it doesn’t then we may have an imbalance on our hands.

What I know of the NPC Null residents both friend and adversary is that we will and are adapting and won’t be packing it in, we live on shoestring budgets and form tight friendships that are lasting and strong, in other words we look out for each other and we don’t typically live under an umbrella of security as it were. We are free-booters and opportunistic looters that can deal with this recent change together.
I guess at the end of the day I’m wondering how the map still knows so much when local doesn’t, don’t even get me started on the agency showing signatures far and wide without the investment in the joy of exploration. Exploring for targets of opportunity as well as signatures and anomalies is a natural extension of the wonder that is EVE, a bright spot on the map or a list of signatures with a single click deprives us of our inquisitiveness and breeds in the long run more entitled pusillanimous easy button pressing masses.
So much has changed since 2003 for me but I am still hanging in there and keeping it real.
Game On


There isn’t much activity in most of the regions. I suspect with Null being scary now you’ll see some groups move to Low to regain their blue bubble.

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Yeah, such free intel has always been bad. I wish CCP would make it take some effort to get, like fly someone through that space…

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That sucks. I wonder where all my pirate friends went.

Maybe I should log in and check, but meh…

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I kinda like the idea that its the smaller group’s adapting easier than the massive bloc’s, kind of balances things out a bit.


I especially like the fact they are more likely to survive a large purge of resources and terrible mechanics.


I would not be surprised if resources are the next thing to change, darkness makes people group up, resources make them split up a bit again.


I certainly expect it.

If my predictions for the purpose of all this come true (Which tbh I dont expect but would like to see), the wailing right now is but a drop in the ocean.

And you and I and other natural survivors will benefit.

Death to the kulaks


That might actually bring a lot of old players back into the game.
The bigger the upset, the better the chance, but it could fall flat.

You know what they say though, no risk, no reward.

It’s time this game took a few more risks to fix itself.


Couldnt agree more.

There’s certain sticks that need pulled out of the mud and discarded.


Let @CCP_Falcon have his way and remove local from losec as well



Out here on the perimeter there are no stars

I wish Falcon had final say eve would be grand.

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Well, for the most part. :smiley: