CCP Remove Local from the Game High Sec, Low Sec, and expecially Null Sec

CCP, all I hear is winning from these risk adverse Null Sec Care Bears and Farmers about how making it harder to gank in High Sec on players who can not afford to replace loses with the drop of a hat, about how leveling the playing field and making Ganking more interesting in high sec is ruining their sand box.
So lets remove local from the game entirely
LETS LEVEL THE RISK VS REWARD in the whole game. These Delve brats will quit in a heart beat, but that would solve retention problems in the game of new players who are not bloated risk adverse farmers who do not know the meaning or real PVP. Remove Local From the Game and lets see who really wants to play in this sand box.

Hope you’re ready for all the risk adverse hate.

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I have been in the game for a very long time. I do not let M&Ms (mental Midgets) opinions affect me in any way at all. It is time to see who the real PVPersssss are and separate the wanabes from the rest. Send those salty hates, they are all good.

Oh I’m all for blackout.

It would definitely make the game more fun and actually make ship fleet tactics matter.

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A Blob is not fleet tactics let all go Black Out and see how many Null Bears Run to high sec.

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@Tenger_Ondor_Khaan @Gix_Firebrand

It’s averse. Not adverse.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Never said it was?

Blackout would make fleet comp actually matter.

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What the null bears will do is hide in one system, it will be hilarious. Let the black out commence and lets see who the real PVPers are. The Whaler: An Eve Documentary - YouTube The Whaler lets get on with real PVP you risk adverse bloated cat scratch of the sand box

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You might as well close it, you know as well as I do this thread is going nowhere and getting there fast.

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I would be for this and bringing back the ability to watch list anyone to see when they log in.

If local were simply removed there are certain big-game hunting tactics that would go missing, unfortunately. Alternatively: remove cynos and jump drives from the game. LOL that’s never happening.

Whats wrong Wes, we are just trying to slow you down from your race to the bottom. Lets play PVP

your crown of the most talkative has been lost

which one do I contact about an abusive player

Heh well sadly holiday season is busy for me :smiley:

@Mindahouf_Davaham Please Contact Support as listed in Harassment and offensive behavior.

know how you feel though might have a bounty on a player that needs taking care of. I’ll contact you in game about it

more so ment in the forms

@Mindahouf_Davaham You can flag posts which you believe are against the forum Forum Moderation Policy - EVE Community or contact communityteam@eveonline.

okay thanks