Remove Local

It’s time to remove local from low and null sec!
Local removes all the risk in the game while u float your boat.

I can understand it having in high-sec where we should be relatively safe.

Without any bu****t, let’s remove local and have a fun, it’s a game!

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There’s already a thread (or three) for this discussion, and CCP have already talked about this. They’re not going to touch Local without a pretty significant rework of intel and possibly cloaking as well.

Besides that you’ve missed the flip side of this, which is while local makes it easier to react it also makes it immensely easier to hunt someone. It’s incredibly easy to miss someone entirely given current mechanics if you’re just roaming through looking for targets, and very time consuming to verify that a system is empty.

So no, removing local doesn’t just make space more dangerous, it completely changes both sides of the dynamic, and it’s absolutely not something CCP should do in a rush in response to ranty, grammatically questionable forum posts.


Highsec isn’t meant to be safe. A safe highsec is not anything that CCP has expressed. Undocking is meant to be dangerous no matter that security the system is.

I agree with you, but would extend to just completely removing or delaying local throughout the entire game.

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Another terrible hunter who does not know that local removal means fewer targets and more empty space, which in turn means less fun for those who need to prey on incompetence for their kills.

Besides, if local got removed, people in sov null would get a tool to make local available to them in return so that they see you but you don’t see them. After all, the sov holders own the space, which is why they should have control over this mechanic.

“Woops, an accident!” - Ganker

If you consider fun flying around for 5 hours because you just do not know where people are, go for it, why won’t you do the experiment and just draaaag Local out of your view, so you can give us proof of how fun that would be?

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@Oliver_Delorean Oh yes, I would love to see that. This would be a rather accurate simulation of what CCP have vaguely theorized about in the past with Observatory Arrays

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Besides the others talking about the other threads…

Ok lets remove local from nullsec, but give total StarGate control to the Sov owners…you want to use it you have to pay a toll, i think 10 million isk per jump would be ok.

Yep ok,

Remove it but make anybody that goes suspect now during things like Wardecs go Criminal instead, no more neutral logi, oh and yeah make all cloaks illegal to use in Empire space.

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I wonder how many other bad ideas you can tag at the end here.

Sure changing how local functions will have many effects of the game and even shake up metas quite a bit. Certain types of gameplay with be so drastically effected that it might not be a good idea for CCP to think about messing with it. I know there’s reasons on many front of the discussion as to why their opinion on it matters and is most relevant, but I think it’s much to big of a matter for CCP to tackle and get it right. Hell, they can hardly do much of anything right.

Problem solved!

CCP removed the local from null and called it w-space.

I have changed my mind… I don’t even know how I came up with such a crazy idea to remove local from hostile space…

Instead we should add more features to it!
*Loud alarm, when hostile jumps in local.
*Ship will auto dock, when hostile jumps in local.
*Your ship will be invulnerable for next 7 hours, when hostile jumps in local.

No need to get snippy just because people pointed out the gaping holes in your idea.

CCP have already said, repeatedly, that they’re not happy with the current state of local and they seem to have long term plans for changing how it operates. Those don’t include flat out removing it though, and among people who actually understand mechanics and have played in various parts of space it’s generally agreed that flat out ripping it out of Null or the game in general would be a pretty terrible idea.

Also if you’re going to take issue with people criticizing your idea you may not want to post it on a forum for discussion.

I’m not really involved in null, so I’m probably not the best to handle this situation…

How about making sov holders have live access, but everyone else gets a 30 second delay about new ships entering the system.
A little fine-tuning:

  • live local only works if the ships were using stargates or cynos, a BLOPS fleet that used a covert cyno remains hidden for 30 seconds, even for sov holders
  • people who are marked “friendly” by the sov holder also get live access
  • recon ships should get the ability to access live local, and broadcast it to fleet members in the system
  • people on grid will become visible, regardless of delay timer
  • the chat itself is live, only the pilot list has the delay
  • conversations in local will reveal the involved people to everyone, regardless of the delay timer

I think some people were more receptive to showing up on local is receptive to being on grid to infrastructure, so anyone who cynos in isn’t on local, especially covert cyno.

I think sov owners should see gate traffic, cynos and clone jumps immediately, but can’t monitor covert cynos and wormhole traffic so they get the delay as everyone else. I don’t know if I missed any methods here, the main idea is that the home team has the advantage, unless you can find a sneaky way to enter the system.

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Something like this, but tied to a structure, seems to be something like what CCP are eventually going to do with the proposed Observatory Arrays:


You had a typo in there. I corrected that for you. You’re welcome

And what on Amarr is up with you silly life forms? The local system chat is where life form could communicate but you keyboard monkeys are so terrified you could lose your ratting boat or “your currency per hour” that you blobbh everything like there is no tomorrow on one boat and then come here and complain about having no content.

Your lack of foresight is noted. Your uninformed complains have no basis and your request is denied.

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