What about removing local in 0.0?

Would put some rock’n’roll in there that’s for sure :smiley:

I’m sure I’m not the first one to think about this but I’m curious about what you think about this just now.


No, go away.


Only if we remove local in hisec too.

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Well I’m not against the idea, even if I don’t really forsee what it would change

Please, not this again…


Aside from the basic safety having local provides to null-sec folks in simply having intel on who is or is not in system, is there any other reason to have it? Because it might seem a bit hypocritical as some (and I stress SOME, not all) null-sec residents taunt high-sec folks by saying they refuse to live out where the danger is when local provides null-sec residents with a pretty effective security blanket of their own… but maybe there are other reasons to not want local removed?

To clarify, I have no skin in this game. I don’t care either way, I’m just making an observation.


“Waaahh!! We need to make killing miners easier… Waaahhh!!!” :disappointed_relieved:

“Waaahh!! We don’t want anyone to know we are there… Waaahh!!!” :tired_face:

“Waahh!! We elites need to make it easier to get easy kills… WWaaaahhh!!” :sob:


Ahahahah awesome

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Instead of removing Local, let’s remove D-Scan, or as they call it in Delve, V-Scan.

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To the OP- no, you are not the first. This was debated… “extensively” … during the chat issues early last year when Local went all wonky.

[Meanwhile inside my head…]

Dear god, not again…



to make null-sec even safer?

Again, I have no skin in this game, but faulty logic bothers me in all its forms, so here we go.

  1. I’m pretty sure there are more targets in Nullsec than just miners and there are more activities that would benefit from no local than just straight PvP.

  2. Um… yeah, if you’re in unfriendly space, isn’t it quite a good thing if no one knows you’re there? Not sure what you’re really trying to say with this…

  3. Sarcasm is a useful tool. But the presence of sarcasm doesn’t actually make a point unless you’re simply preaching to the choir, as they say.

People could simply turn it back on you…

“Waaaahh!! We need to make it impossible for our miners to be attacked! Waaaahh!”

“Waaaahh! We need to know where everyone is so we can dock up if anyone scary jumps in system… Waaaaahh!”

“Waaaaahh! We need to make sure we never actually need to defend our ships! Give us a way we can always run away to guarentee our safety! Waaaaah!!”

So… yeah, kind of failing to see what point you’re actually making.

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Talking about faulty logic and then posting this:

If you have no idea and no “skin” in this game, please stop posting in a forum about this game.

No it would not. It would make null sec even more deserted than it already is. For all I care, we could have opting out of local but only if you get biomassed whenever you lose your pod. Consequences and risk and stuff, you know?

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I apologize, by “no skin in this game” I didn’t mean the game as a whole, but rather “this game” as in the topic at hand. I shouldn’t assume that everyone is familiar with the same colloquialisms as I am, so that’s on me.

But I have spent a significant amount of time traversing Nullsec and while I DONT have any particular “skin” in this topic because it won’t affect me overly much either way, it does interest me (and what happens in Nullsec could influence how much time I spend there) and I wasn’t about to let the faulty logic put forth by Rocket go uncontested.

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I don’t know about in the game, but it will certainly put some rock and roll in the forum for the few hours it takes the usual suspects to shake off their worn out platitudes and rants to post in this thread like they have in the dozens before it.

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I often here that 0.0 alliance are too stall, that nothing really happens there etc. etc.

I was thinking that maybe this would shake things up and make starting a war easier.

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M8, ”removing local from null sec would make the game way too dangerous for carebears to mine and rat”
In reality, I think that’s exactly what the game needs!

Doesn’t matter! Iv been trying too many times, this July I won’t open my wallet anymore.

Let them do their mining in this awesome huge empty sandbox.

Go play something else!

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Has anyone made the joke yet that sometimes local is removed? Legacy code. Dead hamsters

Dead horse time again I see…

Remember removing local removes the threat of those nasty cloaky alts just sitting there is your systems making you scared to undock!

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