Remove local from the entire game. Period


I’m loving these changes, but you should take it a step further. Remove local - make it delayed-whatever - from the entire game. Dead serious.

Thank you for fixing Nullsec. It is meant to be dangerous and was anything but.

Congrats on the bold move (for the better)!


Are high sec dwellers even aware local chat exists? Except maybe for amusement in trade hubs…? :upside_down_face:

+1, I support the idea

what’s local?

Last time I left local open I was taunted repeatedly by an NPC, which made me uncomfortable so I closed it.


+1. Remove all local. I was about to win eve for a while, this change now has me playing a totally different game (def. with zkill out too. love it both). this is now actually fun.

Additionally, if you now must, make the “infrastructure, communications hub”-structure: expensive, easy to deploy, no damage cap, scannable, encourage small skirmishes since it can be destroyed with a group of competent frigates in minutes if not challenged. Basically, a DYI radio antenna in space that just had a hard time with inflation costs lately.

I had the same idea, I like it

Alternatively, just have local constellation based, and names not visible unless people speak (with a 1-2 minute timer on them disappearing again after idle). Would still allow communication with nearby people, while also removing the ability to really use it as a scouting tool.

Less chat systems to run, introduces a bit more chaos, usefulness not completely removed.

I don’t see a good reason to remove it from high sec… and in fact there are good lore reasons to leave it there.

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Popcorn ready. Cry more! next why not just put a module to instakill any target you want? Stop crying over mechanics and adapt. Want to hunt in hisec? Do like CODE do, drawn Concord to another place and gank it accordingly.

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