Region chat with the same mechanics as wormhole local

Do not remove local or any other chat, this would be an additional one, with no one listed unless they talked like in wormholes.


Counterproposal; remove local, replace with constellation/region.


Good with this as well, though i’d say keep local with WH type mechanics, should be able to talk to just in system people.

What, you want to see more hypernet offers or something?

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No real purpose and chat is delicate, so no.


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Normally, I’d say that this isn’t a reason to not do something, but after the past few weeks…I think you’d have to have a damned good reason to be doing anything to chat other than hardening it against DDOS/connectivity issues.


Back on topic…am I wrong, or did there use to be constellation-level chat that CCP removed? This would have been over ten years ago but I remember it being there back when I was active in nullsec.

If CCP already removed that as a feature, you’d likely need an exceptionally strong reason to bring it back.

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