Regional/constelation local?

1stly apologies if this is an idea that is already in the universe.

What if local chat became a regional or constellation thing? I imagine adjustment would need to be made for hub systems Jita etc.

This would remove local as an system intel gathering tool but retain its communicative functionality.

In interesting idea to explore, but could backfire if its only constellation-wide because it would give warning in advance that some fleet is coming. And usual intel channels will say where exactly. Will make “cloaky AFKers” more potent in their intimidation as well.

Regional-wide chat may have another kind of problem - too many people in chat that chat software wont be able to keep up.

Because local doesn’t already do that.
And a delayed Constellation would give about the same warning or less.

It’s actually a good idea, introduces some uncertainty to exact locations unless you have real eyes on them while making it less reliant on out of game scrapper tools that are borderline cheating to know if someone is near you for a while. (Yes yes, ‘Technically’ they aren’t…)

regional and constellation chat used to be in game, they were removed by CCP

i know about that.

I meant to reply to OP, apologies

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