I think Eve would benefit a lot from a regional chat

We’re having fun in Mining chat these days but there’s naturally some tension, related to the fact that mining chat is not technically meant for a bunch of people posting their L’s. So people come and go, ISD occasionally tells us to knock it off. I’ve tried to make an alternate chat channel but these don’t seem to last very long in Eve for whatever reason, probably the lack of advertisement.

Another guy suggested a server-wide chat but this would clearly be too many people. But I think that a regional chat would be great for getting to know the people who live in the same region as you. It’d be a lot of people and would probably not add much to say, the Jita area but would really add something to less populated regions.

There used to be a regional or constellation chat, don’t think anyone used it, might still be :shrug:

I should add that people would need to be in it by default (but a disable-able option) otherwise it wouldn’t work.

They were removed a long time ago. No one used them because they were pointless and would only open you up to regional smack talk instead of only system-wide exposure to stupid people.

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