Space Station Chat Rooms

I suggest chat rooms, specific to each individual space station, including Citadels. The idea being that people will gravitate toward certain local stations for the dialogue and style of free flowing conversation meted out there. This would keep it concealed from local, but allow public access from everyone, that isn’t available in private conversations. Much like a bar or a club. How hard would that be to create? And what potential does it have to add a little something extra to the game play and community building?

Is this so RP’ers won’t get laughed at in local? In trade hubs it would just be another channel for scamming and hypernet spam.

You want to extend roleplay features like that and you get on to dangerous territory, just ask @Iceacid_Frostpacker and he’ll tell you how hazardous roleplay chat rooms can be. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :snowflake:

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While I like the idea of public bar-like chat rooms, I fear that tying the chat room to certain stations, unlike other chat channels in EVE that can be accessed from space, will encourage people to stay docked while socializing.

And I don’t think that’s good for the game.

Better is if people can do their ingame activities while socializing, for example if the public chat is accessible from as small as anywhere in local, or as big as anywhere in game. Those chat versions already exist.


If this is forced it will be obnoxious, if it’s optional like constellation chat it just won’t be used

RP chatrooms can change rather quickly into something that you didn’t wish to have happen.

Best to stick to a basic script/backstory and state such to the other person/s as just openly roleplaying on a chat that is not vented/whitelisted will only lead to disappointment as others not involved.

A RP chatroom would only work in New Eden if there were strict rules and that Capsuleers first agree to such terms before given access to said RP Chatroom.

Thank you for including myself towards this topic. :palm_up_hand:

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Sadly I vote no. Peeps don’t even talk in local anymore due to Discord and such.

Its sad man. I miss the local chats.

I talk in local to myself :smiley:

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People weren’t taking in local well before discord.

Dude I talk in local all the time.

I miss seeing peeps fight in local haha.

you know what i can see, i can see this being an in game - out of game chat feature.

for example right now my tower is fried so i can’t get into the game to do anything, however if i had an app on my phone which allowed me to talk in a station chat rather than local, i could if i were in jita still reach out and make connections with people, between that and the neocomm 2 app you can still mail and do a few things to keep things ticking over.

there are instances where people might be docked at a station but be on the other side of the line. after a brief time away from winterco i got talking in one of the in game chats and got talking to a few people about pizza, everyone had fun, i added some people, turns out one of them was my enemy when i returned, so in the social standing of the game i think this idea has merit to it, just a case of how, EVE already has too much in it, but a way to keep people connected through apps via the game when they might not have the means to talk in specific comms or discord availability, i can see this being a thing.

sometimes its just nice to mingle. a big factor involved in keeping new players in the game is the people, so lets increase our ability to connect.

… if they were going to do that why limit it in such a pointless way, let me join any chat ch.

A small MMORPG that goes by has station/bar chat. It is never used, and local chat is opted for.

Now this brings me back to the lore behind why we have local chat. And the lore CCP provided when blackout happened. Something something special fluids used to power long range communications degraded and local was shut down I forget. This special fluid and I believe some branch of CONCORD manages it. When communications where revolutionized in New Eden. Aka that’s how we can talk with people as far in WH space. I forget the lore don’t quote me on this.

RP wise, it would make for some lively gathering like you know everyone is in the same place talking and can possibly scout ships and so on. Things like top brass meetings, Mob meetings, and so on. Might even present openings for rivals to takeout someone extremely important. That’s from my RP POV. People sadly don’t think like this and it’s unrealistic in respect to how this game is played.

From my practical/mechanics POV. This is quite useless. If it’s used it will be used by such a SMALL group of people (RPers) IF THAT. Because well… We have local chat and private chats we can invite people to. Don’t forget external chat rooms outside of EVE. Sadly, it will just be a waste of resources in CCP’s view. I do like the RP aspects I could use it for. Majority of today’s gamers just don’t like/do RP. and everyone’s RP is different. Why hold a top brass meeting in person in the same station when you can just open a convo from anywhere?

I think it’s worth mentioning missions often hire us to transport sensitive data that’s not wise to communicate via the chat system. Leaving the door open to hackers spying on private chats in New Eden :wink:

How about having a station chat? So you can have an MOTD for the station.
It would be visible and accessibleif you dock.

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And here’s the existing topic on the idea (though I don’t think with the idea of an MOTD which would be a good addition). Space Station Chat Rooms

Why not local?

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