A chat channel for each base

I’d like to see a chat channel based on the base that you’re currently docked in. The idea is that all members who are docked can talk to each other and its totally separate to local and all other channels. Each fortizar, keepstar etc would have it’s own channel for its docked pilots to communicate with each other.

An example scenario is that an enemy fleet is flying around the system, and a fleet can be organised in the base you’re docked in, or to warn everyone who is docked that an enemy fleet is around. Of course it has other uses. Good idea?


And remove docked ships from local, both see and be seen.

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I like this idea. Add a chat box to the ‘guests’ tab.

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Hi, I don’t think Eve has enough players to make it feasible.

Nice idea in theory. If it did come in it would also help to keep messages that are non troll/spam out of local chat or give players somewhere more serious to chat.

Hi, can you explain what you mean?

Translation: docked players should not appear in nor be able to see local chat - they will have their cozy little in-structure chat instead.

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thanx. Makes sense.

Although… you could simply invite the docked pilots to a private chat.

And even then you would not know for sure who’s the spy (from the red gang outside) or friend. Ultimately, you’ll be so freaked out, that you’ll end up adding only your alts to this chat channel! :yum:

Bumpity? Surprised more people haven’t shown their interest in this.

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