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Eve really should have a chat channel ingame for players to ‘advertise’ offered services cause the haulers have a channel and the miners do too but if anyone or any corp ‘makes’ a service they dont have anyway to really advertise to the public (if their corp is small or to slow for business)

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You can make one.

but how do i advertise something like that across eve?

Right here

oh ok so there is a channel like that in eve it’s called Player Services

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Afaik at the moment its hard coded which channels are in the list, but if it would display top 10 according to number of users it would become more user driven and if there is demand for a channel where corps advertise services it would make the list most likely. There are probably even better way to make the chat channels more user driven as well. But EVE is dead so this stuff wont get any attention :slight_smile:

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No it isnt

Can I have your stuff?

how is eve dead? seems alive and well. been playing off/on since 2017 same then as it is now. great game

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