List of Eve Channels?


I’ve noticed that part of the fun is chatting with people in the channels. So I was wondering if there is any list of channels for active casual chat? Did my forum search and didn’t turn up with anything general. Just corp channel promotions, etc.

I saw some old post, but its outdated and archived now:

If there are any game dev channels (people who work in the game industry) in particular, I love to join.

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Hello! I don’t work in game development, but I do work in the tech industry and publish a satirical news magazine.

Join me and my friends in our new, but growing chat channel, EVE Harbor

It’s a place for CEOs of small corporations and other people seeking a nice hangout channel for chill conversations and sharing their funny stories and stuff. We also talk about EVE development often, because we follow it closely, as it’s important to us.

I’ve already talked to a few cool people there. Great question, by the way. We need a community-maintained list on this forum (God knows it violates some rule about something)


I think most people just hang out in the Help channel

creating chat pollution

True dat

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