CCPls update the ingame chat channels!

Hello CCP people and people who read this.

I suggest that the ingame channels get an update. There are a lot of (fix) unused channels that nobody ever uses. For example the whole “Technology” channels or all “Faction” channels. Besides Eve Radio Media is also dead, “CEO” under Corporate is not used.

I could go on…

Please have a look, if we really still need all these channels. I know they do no harm. But it’s not a big investment of time/ressources, would contribute to the channels window, because you find channels a little bit more quickly in the future and there are less “official” channels that would need to be supervised.

Also you could add other commonly visited channels like Broadcast4Reps, could add new channels for Abyssal Space under the content category. etc.

I would be very happy, if someone from CCP would look into that and makes a few quick updates. :slight_smile:

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