List owner and operators of public chat channels

There are a lot of dead channels in the game that often appear abandoned. Being able to request channels by sending an evemail to the owner would be a nice idea as CCP won’t do it for you when you petition. This would be a simple way for us to try and fix it by ourselves if the person was to read our mail.

The likelihood is that the owner is no longer playing the game, so I don’t know what this would actually accomplish.

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The option should exist regardless as not having it there means nothing is accomlished Brisc because you don’t have any recourse.

What is the goal for showing it?

He cant tell ccp “just because” he needs a really good reason for it

it seems he wants to take over mod of the channel . many unused channels have intuitive names players may try to use or maybe just a cool named channel he wants … do unused channels ever expire ? @Brisc_Rubal

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Yes. It would be so people have an opportunity to contact somebody to take over a channel. You can even extend this to long periods of inactivity that revert a channel back to the pool so that names can be claimed. There are many channels in the game with names that would fit what somebody needs/wants that are linked to inactive accounts.

If CCP didn’t want to go as far as sending automated evemails warning of channels being released back to the pool, or for them to be made ‘claimable’, then it would be a good enough step to show who owns channels so they can be contacted. If that person never responds then oh well but at least you feel as though you have some recourse.

Having them listed as ‘claimable’ however would be ideal.

I was also asked to put this the CSM by the GMs after a discussion with them. It’s 2022 so having a system like this considered is a nice QOL change that I’m certain many would welcome.

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