Resolving issues with alliance/corp chat channels and AWOL owners

As per CCP rules, CCP will not add owners without consent from the original owner.

As this is an issue since the chat patch (March I believe) where only the owner can add/remove operators. If this owner isn’t playing anymore (sometimes up to 5 years) the alliance/corp isn’t able to moderate the channel anymore.
These channels may exist for many, many years and imbedded in lots of documentation.
These channels are normally obvious alliance/corp channels, not private player channels but channel to coordinate lots of different aligned alliances, for example intel channels (TheCitadel, anyone) or logi coordination channels.
These channels are part of the identity of these alliance/corporations.

-Recreation is not possible (not able to delete the channel)
-Contacting the original owner is not possible (we don’t know RL e-mail or phone numbers)
-Using a different channel name is out of the question (see identity/documentation)

My suggestion:
Make the current CEO of the owner’s corporation at the time the channel was created an extra owner, when requested by one of the operators in the channel.

If this is not possible it is (in my eyes) up to CCP to contact the AWOL person for consent, as the players cannot do this.

No, it isnt. If the player has clearly decided EVE is not their focus anymore, the most CCP can, and should, do, is try to lure them back in via specials, promotions, etc. Not with an email saying "Hey, these whiny tools need you to log back in so they can moderate a channel for an alliance you are probably no longer a part of. No we wont give you anything for doing this, and clearly these people wont give you anything either. Soo you soon!"

If I ever got such an email, I guarantee you the reason I’d log in afterwards is not to assist these people in moderating the channel, it would be to completely ■■■■ over that channel by banning the current moderators in it, and opening it up to everyone, including the “enemies” of whoever uses the channel. Or deleting the channel entirely.

are you ex-CO2?

Oh, please, yes!

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