Fckin annoying: spam channels that others cant leave exploit

So if someone adds you as an operator to a channel and you arent an owner then you cant forget the player channel and it is in the channel list forever and its annoying as hell. The worst part is that this also works for player corps so if you make a player corp an operator then every member of that corp is spammed with a channel they dont want to be in that they cant forget and no you cant remove yourself as operator either so youre stuck. (I think this also works for spamming alliances) I belong to a large corp and someone spammed like 10 dumbass channels to my corp and my corp members are pissed. Like yeah we filed tickets and it was removed and I guess the asshole got in trouble whatever but we shouldnt have had to file a ticket, we should have been able to remove ourselves as operators so that the channel disappears forever.

So Im proposing

  1. Option to remove self as operator from channel list
  2. Corps can no longer be added as operators (otherwise it would be impossible to remove ourselves)

So you guys know how ■■■■■■■ annoying this is, I added all 10 CSM members to three spam channels in hopes that youll act on it since you will feel the pain (I decided not to add your corps or alliances but yeah if this isn’t acted on then thousands of players will get spammed just saying) If you promise to bring this up with CCP asap Ill remove you from the channels (unless you want to just file tickets lolllllllll)


Ugh. Thanks for your gift. It’s indeed a crap.

  1. Corps can no longer be added as operators (otherwise it would be impossible to remove ourselves)

Though I don’t agree with this, I think the operator status itself shouldn’t mess with the channel list at all, from both sides. :S

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Well if you still want corps or allys as ops then you should still be able to forget those channels and then if you rejoin then youd still be operator as long as youre still in corp but at least you wont have â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  annoying channel spam anymore is that okay?

Imagine if these channels were applied to all the major nullsec corps alliances… Just pop up https://evewho.com/ or http://coalitionsin.space/ and start punching in entries… I hope this is acted upon soon…

Just add high prio people to the groups and it will be fixed swiftly.

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lol Im thinking about it and maybe then Ill make more channels where Ill add someone else as owner and remove myself and blame it on them LOL maybe Ill make The Mittani the owner of a PAPI sucks ***** channel that PAPI members cant remove see how quickly this exploit gets patched up…

CSM/CCPlease fix

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probably by downtime tomorrow then hahaha, I think they are fixing it already tbh :stuck_out_tongue: I see my ingame channels are borked :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I have no problem with it being down if they are fixing something this busted.

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Damn it…Now I know why I haven’t been able to delete those damn channels off my list!!!
It is really total BS!! This has aggravated me for a very long time!!!

FIX IT !!!

I somehow have forgotten this in my shitpile of backlogs. Forwarded this to the dev just now.

Funny, I was thinking of extracting my block list which is now pushing 3k or so because of hypernet spam, then using this trick to drive them all insane. If I could make one chanel for each of them and then link all of them to each channel… Oh holy cow, suddenly 3k or more blinking channels with my smiling face saying “hi guys! Whatcha doin?”.
If I could only automate this…

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