Unable to forget chat channels

I’m having a weird issue with my in-game chat. There are a handful of player channels, one of which I created, that I am unable to forget and remove from my list. The one I made ended up in this weird state where I am no longer able to administrate it, I can’t delete it, and I can’t forget it, which means it’s just kind of there in my list and I can’t re-create it either since the name is now taken.

Is anyone else having issues like these? Did you find a work-around?

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you can petition a GM and they can fix the chat channel issue.

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This is a long standing issue since they introduced the new chat system. CCP even went so far as to give in to their necrophilia and resurfaced old chat channels that had long been discontinued. And you cannot forget those either. This issue has not been fixed in any of the updates for the new chat system.

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Feeling better after waving that little authority stick ?

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you can try asking a GM to intervene via https://support.eveonline.com/

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