Chat channels not showing corp mates messages for about a week now

I’ve had that problem for a few days now. None of my corpmate’s messages will show up in my chat channel (fleet, corp, alliance, local, etc) but messages from non-corp players will show up without any issues. I know it’s not on my side because I don’t have that problem on my alt and I did a clean install of EVE to test (including deleting my cache manually… rip overview).

Created a bug report but I haven’t had any news from CCP. It is becoming a major nuisance as anything fleet related for me is a big no go.

Yep, im constantly getting disconnect/reconnect errors for the chat server. Every 5 or 10 minutes, for the past 3 days now. Sometimes after logging in, they dont connect at all, and give me a popup error asking me to retry

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