Chat is f***ed again

Just the usual chat not working

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Yep, noticed that too. Not only is local not working, but a number of chats show empty user lists and I got kicked from several channels because of access denial or standings.

And standings don’t work properly either. I see alliance members as neutrals in some “functioning” chats.


I don’t usually have the chat problems, but I’m 5x blank local this morning.

Yup local and npc corp chats broken, private / public channels no issue. Working as intended I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 chat server is broken.

CCPLEASE, don’t fix local! The game is SO much more fun! Space actually feels like space, desolate and alone!

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Quick, quiet, lets go hunt some nullbears.

just remove null-sec local and it’ll fix a lot of other things too!

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