Chats are screwed up again

  • I am in a player channel with 2 chars but both channels show different member lists. I cannot post in that channel on one char either.
  • I just had a crash and now I am “banned” from another player channel on the crashed char.
  • Local is screwed up again and shows all sorts of bogus people in system in some systems.
  • “Attempting to join a channel” pesters my logs.
  • Corp chat, alliance chat are not loading either.
  • Fleet chat won’t appear after joining a fleet.
  • Forgetting channels still doesn’t work for some chats.

Yeah, it’s the same for me too.

My locak and corps broken, but everything else works.

same. Please give black backout. The chans have started getting frenzied by pre-expectatation.

Same. Seemed to correct after i logged in/out on an alt with the same account.

  • Local chat in high sec does not work in certain areas.
  • 09:22:12 Notify This channel is unavailable to you - Which channel?
  • Some channels that used to have hundreds of chars in them are now almost completely empty.

Oh no, it’s the triglavians messing with the system again! Expect global blackout!!
Panic mode activated…

it was the drifters.

Corp chat and Local are not available to me or my corp members. (High-Sec local that is)

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