No Local,Corp,Alliance,Fleet Chat after Downtime

Topic tells all

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yet again an again an again. youd think they would have learned by now

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You mean learend how to break eve ?


can still play, I hate local chat anyway needs done away with would add to the surprise :slight_smile:

Also having this issue

Alliance disappeared suddenly, only one Custom Channel left…

Also seeing this issue…

I have encountered the issue with the chat not working too, yesterday. It still isn’t working today. I can’t chat with my mates in Fleet or Corp :slight_smile: I have encountered this across multiple accounts, on different ISPs and PC’s so "it’s not me’.

same for me, what’s going on?!

same thing today seems like I going go back to play eso now since ccp cant keep their game running

Be careful, ISD Sakimura will close this for lack of content.

On a real note, not all my toons are affected the same way with the channels so idk…

Noone visible in Corp chat and if you type something there comes a strange ‘message undelivered’ response…way to go CCP after how many years of tinkering on this software…unbelievable!
Just do us all a favor and completely hand over this game to your korean overlords so they can actually get it to work in a reliable manner.

Good to know I am not the only one. I have no local, Corp, or alliance, on any of my account. Have tried restarting and all the usual fixes. Nothing works. Please fix this, it is ridiculous.

This is a fundamental issue that keeps occurring as witnessed by several people. It was dismissed as just affecting Jita local and therefore not a problem ( Not true as far as I am concerned). I see it affecting other places and therefore believe it to be getting out of hand and potentially becoming game breaking. I urge anyone affected to make more noise about the issue.

Same problem - no local, no corp & alliance chat available.
CCPLeaze fix it

And I have same problem - local none visible
how to fix it?

Yep same here. No corp chat showing. Some other channels doe but No corp No local What gives CCP

Local chat, Corp chat … etc …etc just stopped working, relog, file fix does nothing