Chat Broken AGAIN and LOCAL Broken AGAIN

Chat & Local Broken AGAIN , post DT


Chat Broken STILL. :ccpguard:

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yep seems none of the chats are working

yeah, none of my chat windows show anything -__-

Hi chat is broken. I agree. WELPS.

Same here - all chats dead.
I would like to kindly suggest to drop all development of new content and instead put all power into fixing the periodically returning chat problems. I guess lots of players would love a chat system you can rely on.
New content is nice but the chat is a core functionality.


my chat seems to be working again puh so no TQ restart needed :wink:

yeh looks like some chat windows are back but LOCAL still broken for me

I have a private local … no one can see me in the local chat and i see noone … BUT IM THERE :slight_smile:

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85 docked 35 local says it all really

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Blackout is back!!!


same here :frowning:

Can I have your stuff?

Since probably no one from here wrote ticket. Is there any other reason for this than free salt?

Fully broken or full y working , both better than it is atm. Node crashes, random disconnects , chat/local broken CCP on a roll

Does this happen often?

Yes, and a lot more often than it should

Well…its not like we could expect a basic feature of the Game working, as Chat is pretty new on the internet,right ?!

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this is getting to be a real pain
chat always is disconnecting reconnecting on a daily basis

@GM_Whiskers sorry if this is the wrong thing to do just wonder what happened?

Arghhhhhhhhhhh another random disconnect, I give up