Chats go bonkers!

I’ve got problems with chats lately for some time now even lost some ships due to not being able to see anybody on local while reds were there in null security space. Of course no reimbursement. Today chat problems went up on a very different level. I got disconections from all player chats. They just disappeared, just gone, nothing, nada, null, can’t create, can’t connect. Local stays on but every 5 seconds got those messages: connection to chat server lost, reconnected to chat server. Can’t communicate with anybody on local, cant see anybody saying anything. Also different participants on local for different characters logged in the same system although it has been a norm already :frowning: . How am I suppose to play the game dear CCP, @CCP_Dopamine any tip? I am just exhausted with this really.

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Do not crutch on local as dscan/combat probe scanner replacement. Learn how to monitor your environment. You should have picked the “Situational awareness” perk instead of “Bloody Mess”.

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That’s one problem but the other problem is I can not communicate in the game to anybody via chats. Eve mail still works though.

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The chat issue is still persistent although only occasional. A pm should work but is a little more elaborate than a quick word in local.

Make sure to create a support call if it appears frequently and is detrimental to the gameplay. Only make one call and wait for the reply from support. It takes time but quality over quantity.

I did it, the issue has been investigated for some time now. Literally I have done everything a player can do. And I bet I am not the only one with these problems since the situation varies for different chars I play with the same time. Some have serious problems like all custom chats are gone and local does not work and others have custom chats but local behave strange. It seems more like a global problem to me. So maybe the proper question would be when all these problems will be gone?

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I wish it was as simple as that. It is a complex intermittant issue that touches on many parts of the game. CCP will solve it, but it will take some time. So please bear with it and if possible find workarounds like hanging out on discord with your corporation. EVE Online is more than a game, become a more resillient person and win EVE Online.

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When (if) CCP realise that pulling the chat off the game server and sticking it in “the cloud” was a bad idea.


Haha nice reference

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This has been going on for months. Simple chat is all screwed up.

Above poster is right don’t use local as a crutch. However it is pretty bad game design when people can see you in local and you can’t see them. If both couldn’t see each other like in blackout then at least it was level playing field. Also chats half working give the illusion that nothing is wrong. All the time I have to check are they working? Are they not? That person in multiple locals which system are they really in? Etc…

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I put in a support ticket “LMAO at the term support ticket” anyway GM Ignorant writes back saying chat did have some miner issues but is now fixed and working as intended. So i sent GM Ignorant 4 screen shots showing local working as intended " Connection to chat server lost - Reconnecting to chat server, over and over again.

GM Ignorant replied it must be a local issue try deleting your cache

I’m like shocked-look-gif-1

So yeah CCP Devs thank you for the awesome chat server and support well worth the $23 per month

Dear Fans,

Im not going to comment on this, because it would be too easy. I know its ironic within the context of the post, and that’s fine in of itself, but tbh, I should really be developing higher grade material.

I know many of you await my next caustic, over-thought-but-under-developed comment eagerly, and I promise, your subscriptions will not be in vain. However, to do such a thing to this post would be akin to shooting my own alt in an Ibis with a Doomsday and there’s a point where even I will draw the line.

I also apologise to the poster I have quoted, but I required this quote to illustrate a point, and I hope not to have inconvenienced you too much.

Yours in Christ always,
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Ordinarily Bitchy to Everyone?





If his holiness Bob, the lord of wormhole space had a voice, it would be Morgan Freeman’s.

Praise Bob.

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No mining permit obviously.

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I want to complete the CatchPhrase for £50, Roy

Is it “A Hole In One?”

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I am fairly new to this game. Seeing that I can not even ask a question or three in Rookie Help, where is on to go. Through a lot of trail and error and youtube I have been able to figure out what to do. But not having a chat channel how does CCP expect me to play and enjoy this game. I am completely by my self and isolated from the greater EVE world. No one to talk to, no corp. and getting paranoid that the next ship to land is some who wants to kill me. If this keeps up with no chat this will be a game breaker for me.

That should be totally normal, even with chat

Undock and explore, fight, get blown up, die and have fun. How hard can it be? Thousands before you did just that.