20210703 - In-Game Chat Issues

UPDATE: 14:30 - The proxy reboot has been completed. We will continue to monitor chat and other affected services to make sure the situation has been resolved.

UPDATE: 14:30 - In order to correct the chat issues that many people are currently experiencing we will have to reboot some of our proxy nodes. Although Tranquility itself will not go down, players on the affected nodes will be disconnected. The reboot will take place now.

We are aware of some in-game chat issues which are currently occurring and our engineers are looking into it. Updates will be posted here and on the EVE Status Twitter account.

Please leave reports of what you are experiencing in this thread so we can pass it back to the team.


I was warping through nullsec, taking gates + jump bridges. Rats were spawning and I saw players, but local was just empty. No channel changed message or member list.

Reloading my client + launcher fixed it.

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Highsec local appeared to be acting like Wormhole local, with players only populating in the member’s list if they spoke.
Clearing in-game cache appears to have fixed it, but then I can’t be 100% sure it has, can I???

different accounts have different numbers in local

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some times that happens just restart your client

I’m sure they will actually fix it this time too :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I mean it’s only been what, two years of chat issues now?


Sisi will be fixed?

I had same

As the CEO of a one man corps…

I lost the MotD in Corps’ chat
I have lost my Moderator privilege
Member list went to delay, from display

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Good to see you noticed. 6th or 7th time logging in and I still dont get a fleet chat window,
even though I get the fleet member list window. Local is also completely blank all 6-7 login attempts.

Just think of it this way, if local and chat aren’t working then people won’t notice the plummeting log in numbers.



Because of this restart, my ship was destroyed by NPC. Can I get compensation?

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May be the server is sad because of few and deminishing active charcters🙄 By the way how many empty locals are already there?

Rattati is going to bring back chat blackouts. If you are mad at CCP don’t come to these forums to rant, unsub and stop loggin into the game. Its the only wat CCP will start listening to its customers again. Stop paying CCP for game play that is no fun and makes you mad.

This is not new. It’s not a surprise that its happening, its been happening off and on since the xmmp rollout. It will continue to happen. Sadly this is not @CCP_Rattati 's fault.


lol. Yeah, he’s getting blamed for everything nowadays.


Honestly, the chat thing isn’t that big of a deal to me personally. But it is a highly visible problem that does matter greatly to a lot of players. I have no doubt that you guys have pick and chose what gets priority attention, but this has been going on for several years now.

Now, to be fair, I do think that the frequency and duration of chat issues did dramatically improve at one point (so you must have done something), but issues keep happening. idk, I’m sure you guys got a lot on your plate, but maybe you might consider giving a little more attention to this one and/or releasing another dev blog about it. I mean, the last time I recall hearing anything about it, was 18 months ago when you guys said you’d consider rolling back to the old system if problems persisted.


Rattati oversees every thing in EVE so yes it is his fault that its not fixed. Why would Rattati start making customers happy now? His track record speak for its self, Rattati is a shitty human being that needs his over inflated ego popped. He is a communist that thinks he can socially engineer happiness and history has prove over and over that, when people use social engineering to create happiness for people, everyone ends up unhappy. Take a look around the verse, on these forums, and all over the net. Everyone is unanimously unhappy with EVE right now and that rest on Rattati and his manifesto. Only communist write manifestos and people like Rattati are not only dangerous to a game but all of mankind outside of the game too.


It is like CCP made a change to game mechanics that has caused a large number of alt accounts to drop off…

6 weeks after that blog they declared final victory against chat bugs and ever since then they’ve been totally ignoring all the constant issues we’ve been having.
Head in sand all the way.

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